Sunday, 23 August 2009

Titan Help!

I've recently come into quite a bit of money and as such, have decided to buy a titan.

I'm thinking a Reaver Titan (or even the upcoming chaos one *drool....*). Now i know I said a while back that i was gonna build my own Warlord. That's still in the works/ design process, but i thought getting a Reaver too would
a) be very, very cool, and b) give me something to refer to when i build the big 'un

Huge problem is that i've never worked with resin before. Ever. Never even ordered anything from forgeworld, therefore, i'm asking everyone if they've got any hints or tips to help me out. Is a titan a bit too ambitious to start on resin with?

Also, any reference material anyone could send me regarding Warlord Titans would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Email is this will be going on the blog soon enough anyway, but here it is


  1. Hmm, though I wouldn't want to discourage you from doing something to broaden your hobby skills, that is a lot of money on a relatively complex model. It's sorta like practicing for your driver's exam with a tractor trailer: any mistakes will be costly.

    If you still want the model but are a little intimidated by putting it together, Ron (FTW blogmaster) would probably be more than happy to have your business!

  2. yeah, the complexity of it does worry me, that's the main reason why i posted it up.

    Ron, i know from him creating Sarpedon for me, would be great for constructing it, but the Reaver ain't exactly small and he's based in the US. I'm in UK. Shipping costs would be rather high.

    I'll look into it i think. failing that, i'll buy a couple of IG tanks of aircraft for my renegade force to allow me 'warm up' on and get a feel for resin, before deciding on wether on not to get a titan.

    Hmmm, tough decisions...

  3. Having built a reaver I don't think it is too big a project, provided you know what you're getting into. I was able to complete mine in just under two months - but my warhound took almost two years as I kinda stopped for a year in the middle (the reaver is a better kit though). They are very labour intensive and compared to GW plastics very complex, but not much more complicated than a Tamia tank or high end Gundam kit.

    You'll ideally also need a few extra tools like a dremel for drilling and cutting flash, two part epoxy for gluing, and a breathing mask to avoid resin dust (which is highly toxic).

    The most important things are really to take it slow, pin everything you can, and clean it all very thoughly beforehand. Also paint bits before you glue them in where possible.

    The Inner Geek chronicled building his here: Titan

    Mine is chronicled here:

    And Forgeworld have advice on working with resin here: - though they say to just use superglue but that's rubbish IMO as it's too brittle.