Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Painted 'Pacters!

I finally got some painting done!

Like the Manticore yesterday, these still need some fine details and final coats of washes

These ones are Veteran and Death Brigade troopers

Vash Etogaur and the notorious Psyker Milkel Valkronia

Oh and i build a bit of terrain too, ready for the opening mission of the campaign, which will see me defending in a Planetfall mission

I'm so easily distracted aka. Deathwing

Painted these up today, as Deathwing are my next side-project. Blood Pact are still going to be my main force for the league, i'm just going to be trying these out in friendly games.

I'm aiming to field a 'pure' Deathwing force eventually, if i ever get them all painted. These are still WIP and i have about another 20 Terminators to paint.

I'm also planning to test my freehand skills by painting the Deathwing banner shown in the DA book

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

"...Every time you drop the bomb, you kill the god your child has born"

I think of that song every time time I use this thing in game. Kudos to anyone who knows what song it is.

This is the work i've done so far on the Manticore. I'm in the process of painting two more missiles atm. I don't know where the fourth one is, but what i'm going to say is that when they looted it from the Guard, it had already fired a shot and replacements are hard to come by. It never survives beyond turn three anyway, so it doesn't matter too much.

The commanders head is being painted seperately so i can get to the details

Once the Storm Rockets are finshed i'm breaking out the paints for another round of washes to weather it up. Deadline for this is wednesday next week, as i've got my first league game then.

I've also painted up some of my squads, so pics will be up soon

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Sentinel of Vrar

This is something i've been working on the last few weeks - a 'counts as' Armoured Sentinel

If anyone questions its use in-game, i simply point out the following facts: it's a 'walker', it has a single crewman, it's on the right sized base and it's got the right weapon.
Technically it's wysiwyg!