Tuesday 20 July 2021

A Slight Distraction

My productive streak is ticking along nicely, with me getting a load more done over the course of this week. 

I may need rethink my new hobby setup though, thanks the arrival of this little guy:

His name is Magnus, he's 9 weeks old, adorable and that's my lightbox he's sitting in! Note the pile of models and paints he's pushed aside to get there. I'm definitely going to have to find a solution! 

I did get a few bits done though, despite the cat-shaped distraction. I finished up Dernhelm on Monday night:

It was more a spruce up than a full paint on her, but it was a good little primer to get me back into the groove of painting Middle Earth. I've got a lot of Hobbits to do in my near future! 

Another great thing which happened was that my bits order finally arrived! That means I could finally finish my Captain /Chapter Master for my Golden Knights and the Intercessor Squad from my last post. 

The squad is done but I need to do a bit more on the Captain. I want to get them both knocked out by the weekend so I can focus fully on my event armies when I have some more free time in the next few weeks. 

Here's how the captain stands atm. Looking pretty decent I reckon. There's still a few bits to do on him, as well obviously adding a head! I'm really liking how he's shaping up. It's the first time I've ever made a glowing power sword look half way decent, so there's that too! 

That'll do for today I think. It's nice to have a regular flow of posts going on here. It really helps keep thing flowing on the hobby desk too. It's just a matter of finding the energy to type something up!

Anyway, stay safe and happy hobbying. I'll see you next time. 

Thursday 15 July 2021

Rambling Progress

After trying kickstart my productivity in my last post, it actually seems to have worked! Not in the way I'd hoped, but at least I'm painting. You see, I've been out buying stuff again.

I know I said i wouldn't be buying anything until I'd caught up on my painting points, but lets face it, that ship already sailed when I started my Orks! Besides, I'd had a crap week at work, so I fancied treating myself with a trip to the secondhand gaming shop in Great Yarmouth.

To be fair, it was all stuff I kind of needed for various projects, but it's still a big hit to my points. 

But weirdly that's actually spurred me on to start cranking stuff out. I got all this done, or made serious progress on them at least, last weekend:

Plus this:

And I finished these for a mate:

Pretty good going I reckon!

I think part of it was at least inspired by the fact that I bought myself a tablet, which allows me to run YouTube at my desk as I paint, which prompted me to do a tidy and reorganise of my hobby space. 

It looks quite cluttered, but all my paints and non-current projects are out the way, with space to work, so it's done the job. I always find that having a tidy desk helps me get on with projects. Hopefully I can keep that energy going, as I've got a lot of bits which I need to get done. 

I'm at the weird point of having several projects ticking along nicely, but very little actually in a usable state for games. I need to try and be more focused in what I work on so I can get some games played with my new stuff now that things are opening up.

Add that to the fact that my local gaming shop has just announced their first Middle Earth event since last January and it looks like it could be a very interesting summer of hobby for me. I'm hoping to get both my Cirith Ungol and Hobbits up to 600 points by early September. Out of those, the Hobbits will take the most work to get ready due to sheer numbers. I'm really looking forward to both projects. I've been wanting to get them finished for a while, but this should be the push I really need to crack on with it!

I'll post more soon. Wish me luck!