Friday 18 May 2012

24 Hours in...

Ok, twenty four hours into my challenge and I've made a little, albeit random, progress. This is what i've got so far:

First up, I've built and based my first Thunderwolf Rider. I might even use him as my Wolf Lord with a little conversion work (mainly sculpting a beard on him) - as awesome as the Finecast Lord is, I don't like the idea of using the same model as everyone else.

A couple of random members of my CSM Chosen squad, nearly done. Mainly I just need to apply washes, finish the detailing and base them

My Dunedain and Hochland Handgunners. Havn't started these yet, buy they're probably going to be the next chunk of stuff i'm going to try and tackle.

I think I'm off to a cracking start so far. It bodes well for my challenge, if I can only keep the momentum up.

Right, back to my hobby desk!

Thursday 17 May 2012

4 Month Hobby-a-thon

Ok, now I'm done with uni for the summer, i can focus on my hobby a little more. Having been nagged by both my flatmate and gaming friends, I'm not starting my Dark Mechanicum project just yet, seeing as i've got 14 on the go already.

When put like that, It really puts things into perspective just how wandering my hobby mind really is.

This is what I've got on the go at the moment:

Space Wolves
Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
Chaos Space Marines
Hochland Empire
LOTR Dunedain force
LOTR Board
Soul Drinkers
Scratchbuilt Warmaster Horus
Malifaux Show Girls
Vampire Counts
Night Goblins
Fellowship of the Ring from Mines of Moria
Dark Elves

As you can see, it's a mighty list and one that may never be finished without drastic action.So with that in mind I've set myself a(nother) goal.

I've made a list of everything that needs to be done from each of these projects and for the next four months, everything I do hobby-wise will be from that list. Hopefully by the end of it, the list will dwindle to a managable amount, so I can start on my Dark Mechanicum.

As usual with me there are a few ground rules:

1. No half-efforts.

Yes, this is about getting models finished, but I also want nice looking armies at the end of it, so there'll be no compromising on the quality of the modelling, paint jobs, basing, etc, no matter how much i have to do. It's going to be both about quantity and quality at the same time

2. There needs to be a limit on the amount I paint for each project.

No army can really be said to be truely done, so I need to set myself a cut off point for each one.
For 40k it'll be 1750 points, as that's the main points level around my area. Similarly, the cut off point for Fantasy will be 2000 points and for Lord of the Rings it'll be 500 points.
 I've written army lists for each force to work to. Nothing will be painted that isn't on those lists, to minimize the potential for distraction. Hopefully it'll work

3. Document it all

This is more of a side project in itself. My posting on here has been a little sparse recently because of college work, so if i document every model and stage whilst working through the list, I can then post it up on the Wandering Mind and share the grand scope of my mind with you. Also, looking back through my older posts, it'll be good to deliver some closure on all those projects I've mentioned over the last few years and have never been heard from again.

These are simple rules, but hopefully that'll mean they're easy to stick to. Check back soon to find out whether there actually work. Right now I'm heading for my hobby desk...