Saturday 20 February 2021

A long delayed post.

Life's been really rough over the past few weeks. Between work and a couple of other major things kicking off, the crap has felt like it just kept on coming on. I've managed to snatch a few moments of hobby to keep me sane, but I've had to choose between that and blogging, so apologies for my lack of posting. I hope you can understand. 

On a brighter note, considering I've only been able catch snatches of hobby time, I've actually been quite productive! 

This is what I got done in January:
Then this is from February, mostly over the last couple of days:
Not bad at all. Although not really the pace I wanted to start the year on, it's still a pretty good chunk of progress. 78 points if I'm counting correctly. I'm not counting the Marines until they've had their transfers applied, which should be happening tomorrow. Its my birthday you see, so with a severe lack of anything else to do atm, I'm treating myself to an uninterrupted day of hobby. I live such a wild life. 

 It's been really nice and quite therapeutic to get some stuff finished. I've got my fingers crossed that things are going to settle down a little now, so I can hopefully get back to a regular hobby and posting schedule. Despite it being my main way to relax, I actually find it really hard to settle down and paint when my stress levels are high, so it can be a little frustrating at times.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can get done over the next couple of days, before I have to return to work after my holiday. Knowing me though, I'll get distracted by something else and I'll get very little done. We'll have to see.