Tuesday 9 September 2014

Pre-Heresy Fabius WIP

I haven't posted for a while. Between finishing uni and starting a new job where I'm on night shift four times a week, the entirety of my hobby time has been taken up with painting as and when I can. This obviously leaves me no time for blogging, despite the amount of progress I've been making on various stuff. I'll try and do a bit of catching and post up some of my projects, but knowing me this probably won't happen.

So what have I been working on? Well, I'm still focused almost completely on my Horus Heresy stuff, although my attention has shifted slightly away from my Sons of Horus 15th company and onto the Iron Warriors and Emperors Children. I've wanted a force of both of them ever since I read Angel Exterminatus a few years ago (and again recently during my 2am 'lunch breaks'), so I thought I'd give it a try.

Despite the source of my inspiration, I'm not likely to be fielding the two Legions together, due to me wanting to make use of the extra Heavy Support slot which the 'Hammer of Olympia' Rite of War brings, meaning that my Iron Warriors can't take allies from other Legions. They are quite likely to receive Imperial Army allies when the next FW book arrives though.

The Emperors Children are going to be a small allied detachment for my Sons of Horus, then maybe expanded to be a force in their own right. I'm really just using them as an excuse to do some interesting conversions though, so that might be a long time coming.

Anyway, here's a taste of what I've been up to whilst I've been away:

This is my Pre Heresy Version of Fabius, based on the GW model. I know at first glance it doesn't seem that different, but this was a much more involved conversion than it looks.

-First of all I had to remove his arms, saving the Xylos Needler for later (his cane's going into a different conversion).

-The next step was to gouge out the Mk7 legs which 40k model had for inexplicable reasons (this part was made easier by the fact that it was finecast), replacing them with Mk4 legs from Forge World, cut to shape to fit inside his flesh cloak.

- Then I transferred the Needler from his 40k arm to a Mk 4 one and gave him a pair of Mk 3 pads

- A Narthecium (a Deathwing one i think) acquired through a trade with a friend, plus a 40mm base completed the conversion

I'll let you judge the results for yourself, but I personally like how it's turned out, as far as the conversion goes at least. I'm going to be using him as a Primus Medicae until Forge World finally get round to specific rules for him.

His paint job's an experiment I'm running, trying to replicate the darker, grittier style which Forge World use for the EC's in their various publications. I'm not exactly sold on it so far, but that might be because I haven't done the gold on him yet, which may help alleviate the overall dullness of the model.

I'll let you know how I get on