Monday, 2 February 2015

Inquisitor conversion WIP

Well it's happened again: I've gotten distracted.

This time I can honestly say it's not my fault. One of the hobby groups I follow on Facebook has launched a group project where every member paints up a Deathwatch marine, which we then field as a group when we meet up. This pretty much provided the perfect excuse for me to indulge in the long-held ambition of mine to field an Ordos Xenos force.

Of course, any good Inquisition force needs a couple of Inquisitors to lead it. Here's the first one I've started working on:

It's converted from the DE Lhamean model, which I've had laying about doing nothing nothing for ages. a quick weapon swap later and I had my first Inquisitor ready to paint.

More soon, including my first Deathwatch Marines