Monday 18 April 2011

Engineer-Seargent Lozorro

I originally bought and painted this guy to be an airship crew member, but after the winged contraption took several nose-dives off its flying standing due to the fact that he's metal, he got reassigned to the role of Marksman for my Nuln Ironsides unit.

The rest of the unit will follow when I get a chance to take pictures. Uni deadlines are closing in, meaning my world is currently a whirl of caffeine, late nights and library sessions.

Normality should hopefully be restored by the tenth of may. Hopefully. Either that or my sanity will finally give out, we shall see...

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Engineer Markus and his not-so-Mechanical Steed

This is going to be my engineer on a mechanical steed, except the twist is that it's not as mechanical as most...

Looking at the rules for the clockwork horse, the only difference between it and a barded steed is the Brass Globe that somehow generates Impact Hits.

Now, seeing as i'm planning on using the official Mechanicl Steed model for a Clockwork Pegasus conversion later on in the project, i don't want to use the same model for two characters, so i figured an engineer who can't afford a mechanical steed would make do with the next best thing - strapping the impact hit-generating brass globe to a horses head!

I'm green-stuffing ballistic armour onto the horses flanks to represent the barding, seeing as having a horse covered in metal around lightning is a really bad idea for the poor horse and the even poorer rider (now i come to think of it, it's a really bad design flaw for the proper mechanical horse too).

Next post I'll hopefully be able to show you the Airship mounted on a base and my take on the new Nuln Ironsides unit from Warhammer Forge

Monday 4 April 2011

Volley Gun and Dwarfs

Here's my first war machine for my Nuln army almost finished, complete with Dwarf advisor, who I'm sure will offer much grumbling and cursing about humans and the 'proper' way to operate a war machine (not even a full beard between them...grumble...).

I'm planning on having all my war machines have at least one Dwarf each for two reasons: 1. I have the models knockign around from Battle for Skull Pass, and 2. even the famed marksmen of the famous and celebrated Imperial Gunnery School can always benefit from advice from the race that developed the handguns before the Empire was even born.

I'm also planning to use these guys as a detachment for a much large Handgunner unit...

The weird thing in the musicians trumpets is going to be painted up as an experimental device that's being 'field tested' - counting as just a handgun. I figure dwarfs living away from their holds would be far more open to experimentation than the more old-fashoined Engineers in the mountains (this is probably the reason why they aren't still living in the mountains in the first place)

I'll have pics of my first full handgunner units very soon