Monday, 23 August 2021

Rambling and finding my mojo

It's funny the things which can throw you off of your hobby mojo. This time it was Blogger and their ongoing quest to make the user experience as difficult and frustrating as possible. You see that sidebar to the left hand side of this blog? The one I've been meticulously updating for the past three years with my back and forth progress on my hobby challenges and my backlog? Well thanks to Google's removal of the quick edit button, I now can't edit that without navigating half a dozen menus and grappling with HTML!

It's really frustrating, especially as I've been both really productive and overly keen with my purchases over the last month or so. Being able to visibly track my hobby progress like that was a massive motivator for me. All I can do for now is hope it returns and track my progress offline. 

Nonetheless I have been trying to crack on with some hobby stuff. I kind of had, considering how much I've been buying recently. I splurged on the Beast Snaggas box a few weeks back, bought the Hobbits I need for the upcoming Middle Earth event, then splurged even more by buying some cheap Savage Orcs from a mate, ready for Old World shenanigans. Needless to say, my painting points aren't exactly looking healthy right now!

I did manage to get in some games though. One of Middle Earth with a close friend who I hadn't seen since last year, then another one of Titanicus. It's been great catching up with people now that things are opening up again, as well as acting as a great motivator to get the ball rolling again with my painting. 

It's definitely helped me decide what I need to focus on and get done. It's just a matter of finding the energy to sit down and get it done. Work's so ridiculously busy this summer that it's hard to muster the energy to do anything when  at home. Hopefully that'll start to ease up a little once Bank Holiday's out the way, especially as I've got a crap ton of Hobbits to get finished by September 11th!

Anyway, I'll leave this here for now. Its good to just have a ramble rather than just spamming painting posts at you guys. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual productive self soon. 

Happy hobbying!