Tuesday, 3 May 2011

1000pt Rifleman List

I've worked out a 1000pt list for my empire force, to get me by until
I can buy the models and bitz to finish up the other 1000 points, which
could take a while as i'm trying to find large quantities of the old-style
Handgunners after quickly getting sick and tired out the hunchbacked
new-style ones.

Anyhoo, here's what I've got for the first half of the list. Hopefully it's fairly
competitive. Perhaps any Empire players out there reading this could let me
know what they think of it

Engineer Markus - Long rifle, pigeon bombs

Golbert Golfunger - battle wizard with power stone, dragon bow

15 handgunners, marksman has repeater handgun

12 handgunners, marksman has hochland long rifle

8 outriders, champion has grenade blunderbuss

'the hellbringer'- helstorm rocket battery

'wrath of karen' - helblaster volley gun

Dwarf allies- 10 handgunners