Tuesday, 6 September 2022

And now for something a little different...

It's been a little while since my last post. I really haven't had much of a drive for hobby since I moved into my new flat until the last couple weeks. Part of that has been. How busy I've been, but also being in an entirely new space made it hard to settle down into my normal hobby routines.

As usual, it's been an approaching Middle Earth event that's drawn me out of my funk. Rather than painting an army this time though, I decided to do something a little different and make a display board for my Hobbits.

I'll admit it's partially a shameless bid for another Best Army trophy, but it's mainly just a way to get my hobby juices flowing again. It seems to be working so far, though running out of static grass is an annoying stumbling block I've hit. Luckily Amazon should be coming to my rescue tomorrow morning!

It's been pretty fun doing something so different to what I normally work, although it's been a lot more involved a project than I originally anticipated. I expected to have it finished nearly a week ago!

Hopefully all this effort will pay off at the event, although it's already having the main intended effect of getting me raring to go on hobby projects. Next up after this I want to crack on with my Imperial Fists campaign army, which has been sitting in just an undercoated state for way longer than I intended! 

Wish me luck. Hopefully now I've jolted some life back into my hobby mojo, I'll be posting regularly again. Knowing me though, it's about 50/50 which way it'll fall! I'll definitely post up the finished board when it's done though. 

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Heresy progress

It's been a few weeks since the Heresy box launched. I'm still in the process of moving, so haven't had a chance to go as crazy with it as if hoped. I've managed to make a start though, so I figured I'd show you guys what I've been up to:

After a ridiculous amount of experimentation, I finally managed to find a colour I liked for my Emperor's Children, so I've been able to launch into working on my 3rd Legion in earnest. Perhaps experimenting on the boxed set models wasn't the best of plans, but it at least helped me visualise how it would look on the final army. Now I'm happy with the basic purple, the next step is adding the crazy, clashing colours to turn them into a proper Siege of Terra force!

Flipping it over to the Loyalists, I also made a start on my Imperial Fists. They're going to be my army for the campaign I'm putting together in my local area and an interesting change of pace.

They're the first Loyalist army I've ever done for Heresy, so it's been interesting trying not to got too wild and make them look very 'clean' and reasonably regimented. I'm also discovering why so many people hate painting yellow. It's taken forever just to get a smooth yellow as the base layer for these five!

I'm also starting to remember just how detailed the FW upgrade kits are. I may simplify things and use more of the base Mk6 kits for the second squad or I might go loopy painting all that detail! 

Despite all the 'fun' of batch painting yellow which lies ahead, I'm really looking forward to pulling this army together. I'm wanting to link them in with the history of my Golden Knights Primaris army. I've got the idea that the Commander, Gideon Holt will be the founder of the future Chapter, so I need to work out a good way to incorporate the colours and heraldry of the Knights into the army whilst still having them look like 'proper' Imperial Fists. 

For me, this kind of pseudo-historical tie in is what makes the Heresy so fun. It gives me an excellent opportunity to indulge in my nerdy side writing the background, so hopefully I'll have a chance to share that soon.

I'll post progress on these as it happens. Hopefully I'll be able to get more done once I'm in my new place and have my new hobby desk set up. Until then though, happy hobbying! 

Friday, 17 June 2022

I did it!!!

I actually did it!!

I reached positive painting figures!

For the first time since I started tracking it in late 2017, I've painted more models than I've bought!

I got thinking after my last post. With how quickly my Savage Orcs paint up using Contrast, surely I could get a few more done before the Horus Heresy box arrived on Saturday?

Turns out I was right:

Tools about three hours of work in total, including drying time on the varnish. Piece of cake!

 Contrast really does seem the way to go on horde armies like this. I'm often guilty of overcomplicating my schemes, so it's refreshing to find something quick and easy and stick to it. 

With this kind of momentum, I think it'll be pretty easy for me to work on them a few at a time alongside my other projects until the Army is done. 

It feels very strange to finally be looking at the positive side of my progress tracker. Strange, but good though. I've been painting an absolute ton of stuff over the last few years and there's been times when I've felt it would never reach this point.

And just as I was sitting back and savouring my victory, this arrived a day early...


It still counts, right?


Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Back and ready for Heresy

I've been absent from the online hobby sphere for a few weeks. Unfortunately real life has been kicking my arse a bit. I've had to unexpectedly find somewhere new to live, killing my hobby mojo.

Luckily that's been resolved just in time for me to go back to getting very excited for the launch of the new Heresy box. It does mean that my plans to get into positive figures on my painting points before it arrived have fallen to the wayside. I missed it by a single point!

I'm a little gutted, but I suppose it can't be helped with everything that's been going on. I'll just have to try and get the boxed set done quickly to try and offset it.

So what have I been painting to reach this point? Well first up I stripped some Thousand Sons Land Speeders and drafted them into my Emperor's Children:

I was really using them as a test piece for my 30k EC scheme and I think it turned out pretty well. It was just a base of Xereus Purple, a drybrush of Genestealer, then a pin wash of Druchii Violet. Really quick and easy, plus I think it looks pretty striking on the table. Hopefully the scheme will let me whizz through the box in record time! I'll also be starting my Imperial Fists at the same time, but I've found a good recipe for those too which I'm looking forward to trying out in the very near future!

As for the other thing I've been working on, this came completely out of left field.

When I was starting to pack to move I found a load of unbuilt Savage Orcs I had in a box, having bought them for cheap off a mate a few months back. I was saving them for when The Old World eventually drops, but I fancied doing something a little different as a pallet cleanser. I was shocked at just how quickly and nicely they painted up using Contrast colours and a few light drybrushes. I'm definitely going have to make point of getting the other 60 done once I've got my new hobby desk set up!

That's all for today, although expect a lot of posts very soon as I tear into the box when it arrives. I also get to plan out my new hobby space, so that should be a lot of fun too.

Until then, happy hobbying! 

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

In Midnight Clad

I appear to be well and truly on a Heresy kick. The more news and leaks I see for the upcoming 2.0 release, the more excited I'm getting. I've got some quite extensive plans for my EC's once the big boxed game releases, but I'm in the slightly annoying position of not being able to do much until the new plastics launch.

For now  I'm funneling my energy into helping my mate get his Night Lords spruced up and ready for the new edition.

He painted them a few years ago, but he felt they needed a bit of a refresh and he likes my painting style, so he asked me to help. I was happy to step in, as it lets me scratch my heresy itch while I wait for my own plans to become available. 

I've always loved Night Lords, but I'm unlikely ever to do an army of my own, so it was quite nice to be able to work on them without committing to yet another army. It was also nice to have a bit of change of style from the various stuff I've been working on recently. 

I couldn't resist adding one of my own ideas into the mix though. I loved the idea behind Nakrid Thole the moment I read his profile in book 9 and instantly had the idea for combining Sevatar's body with the Escher whip to represent him, but I haven't had the opportunity to turn it into a reality until now. My mate admits he's unlikely to ever use him on the table, as he uses Sevatar as his Warlord, but loves the model and reckons he'll be able find a use some form or another, so let me just get on with it. 

I've been cracking through these at a pretty good pace, finishing three squads in as many weeks. Tbh it's a fairly easy recipe to follow, but I've also been given the freedom to add my own flair wherever I want to. I've been raiding my bits box and making use of pieces which I thought I'd never find a use for, like that half-mask from the Primaris Reiver kit which I thought couldn't be used at all without it looking ridiculous, but it actually works pretty well I reckon!

I just need to wait for some Volkite Chargers to arrive for them, then it's just some Raptors and a Dread to go. Not bad at all for a mini project between projects. The downside now of course is that I'm wanting to do an army of my own. I'm going to have to try and resist that particular urge though. I have quite enough on my plate at the moment!

I'll post more when I have it. Happy hobbying! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Catching up part 2

I've had a pretty busy few weeks, but now that Pokemon Regionals have come and gone (I bombed, in case you were wondering), I finally have a chance to sit down and write the promised part two of my previous post.

 This will serve as a sort of bookend to the mass of progress I've been making on my backlog in the first part of 2022. I had planned to keep on chipping away at it across the entire year, but various Adepticon announcements mean that my hobby plans may well be veering wildly off into the weeds very soon. Unfortunate, but at least I'll be doing it with a massively reduced backlog!

Enough waffling though, here's the rest of what I've been up to recently:

That's a pair of mounted and fully magnetised Warbosses to lead my Deathskulls. The one on the looted Vyper is Mognutz, but I still need to come up with a name for the other one.

They started out when I bought the Wartrike a few months back, but as I was building it I quickly realised I also wanted a Warboss on Bike to lead my Kult of Speed. I didn't really want to buy the Forge World one, due to my self imposed hobby embargo, so my Orky mind went to work. A few hours and a rummage in my hobby cupboard later and I'd come up with the idea for a 'counts as' Biker Boss, an ambitious Flyboy with a Vyper he'd 'nicked off da pointy ears'. 

Mognutz was an Ork of simple ambition: ever since he was a Yoof, all he wanted to do was fly. Unfortunately his enthusiasm far outweighed his abilities and after several rambunctious test flights, the last of which ended up in the demolition of Warboss Gazza's hut, he was unceremoniously exiled from his tribe.

After a few years of kicking around the Ash Wastes of Tinus Minoris, Mognutz fell in with a mob of local Speed Freeks, where he continued his attempts to get and, more importantly, stay airborne, steadily climbing the hierarchy of the mob until after another unfortunate series of Deffkopta accidents, he decided to stick to firmer ground for a while, leading a group of Warbikers. 

Then one day his fortunes took a distinct uptick. Tearing ahead of the main Speed Mob, his bikes were suddenly ambushed by a trio of Eldar skimmers. Seizing the initiative, Mognutz threw himself from the saddle of his bike onto the lead vehicle as it flew overhead, headbutting the gunner unconscious and tearing the driver clear out his seat and flinging him aside. Cackling maniacally even as the skimmer started dipping towards the ground, Mognutz slewed the strange looking weapon on the back around and shot the other two vehicles clean out the sky. The whoops of his fellow Speed Freeks filled his ears even as the Vyper crunched into the dust of the desert.

After cracking a few heads to silence the derision which followed, Mognutz ordered his mob to drag the wrecked speeder back to the nearest settlement, where he paid every toof he had, plus a few more unwillingly donated, to Big Mek Bozrog to rebuild it into what he called 'Da Ded Shiny Speeda'. Wisely he decided to delegate actually piloting the thing to a succession of Grot 'volunteers'. 

Since that day, Mognutz' star has been on the rise. He struck out on his own across the Wastes with his lads, slowly gathering a great Speed Mob of his own around him and hiring himself out to the highest bidder. Usually this took the form of ambitious Meks who wanted some protection against their rivals, whilst not having to worry about being replaced in leadership by their supposed hired muscle. All Mognutz cared about by then was speed. The ladz who chose to follow him just made it easier to go wherever he liked. 

That is how most recently Mognutz has ended up in the employ of Big Mek Bozrog, whom Mognutz has a curious fondness for, having been the builder of his mechanical steed. Mognutz is content to take orders from the upstart Mek Boss, so long his bikes and wagons keep getting repaired, he has plenty of gits to krump and he can keep going fast to get to them. 

As if that wasn't a mad enough idea, I then decided to squeeze the maximum amount of flexibility I could out of him and magnetised him to be usable on foot too. Then my real Orky mind kicked in and decided not to stop there. Why not make him able to swap mounts whenever I want? A bit of tweaking and careful application of some magnets and it was done! 
There's no real use to doing so, apart from cosmetic appearances, but I wouldn't be a proper Greenskin player if I didn't use the biggest and meanest Ork as my Warlord at all times! 

It was pretty fun to paint them up too, but I'm also glad they're done, as it took a lot of work to get them up to the standard I wanted. You wouldn't think it'd be that difficult to paint things which are mostly made of scrap, but I actually would argue to takes even longer to do well that painting things cleanly! 

So that's me caught up. Next on my plate for my Orks will probably be a bunch of bikes. I'll have to fit them in around something else which has suddenly appeared slap bang in the middle of my hobby goals though. As I mentioned briefly earlier, the Heresy announcement at Adepticon has gotten me ridiculously excited for 30k again, so I've got a funny feeling that's where my hobby output will be firmly aimed in the near future. I've already started sprucing up my mate's Night Lords for him:

In theory, this shouldnt take me too long to do. It's just cleaning up his work from a few years back and adding a few more shades. The real fun will be when the plastic MK6 launches and I'm up to my ears in Emperor’s Children again! 

There's fun times ahead though. Its great to be excited for Heresy again. We'll just have to see what the new edition brings.

That's all for today though. Until next time, happy hobbying! 

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Catching Up Part 1

Wow, has it really been over a month since I posted anything on here? Oops.

I'll freely admit that it was mostly down to laziness. I've gotten a fair amount of stuff done, I just couldn't be bothered to write posts about it. I guess that's come back to hire me!

I got so much done in fact that I'm going to have to split it across multiple posts. I've been on a bit of a personal kick to try and clear my hobby desk of unfinished models. It hasn't worked, but I've certainly made some serious progress!

That's how I came to paint a random model which I'm unlikely to ever actually use:

I bought the Showgirls set for Malifaux way back in 2014. The game looked cool, but after a couple of demo games, I decided it wasn't for me, so I never got around to painting the set. That's why this has been sitting around untouched ever since.

I fancied a bit of a pallete cleanser a few weeks back so I sat down and painted her over the course of about 6 hours. She turned out pretty well I reckon. Not my best work, but good enough for something which is going to just sit in my display cabinet for the rest of time! If I e er find the rest of the Showgirls, I might do them too at some point, but it's nice to get her done at least.

After that I turned my attention to something much bigger:

You might remember before Christmas I started working on sprucing up my Xestobiax Warlord 'Metatron Omnissiah'. Well my enthusiasm kind of petered out on it so I ended up sitting on my desk for ages, until last week when I decided to crack on with it. Again I basically did it all in a single sitting. That's the way my hobby mojo seems to be hitting me atm, so I just rolled with it. 

I'm quite proud of this, especially the way the white turned out, which was a bit patchy when I painted this the first time a few years back. I keep saying it, but it's really quite remarkable how much my painting has improved in the space of just a couple of years. I'm looking forward to getting the whole Maniple done to this standard, once I've cleared a few more things off my backlog. I do need to get some custom transfers made for the Legio symbol at some point, but I'll worry about that later. 

That's it for part 1. Hopefully I'll be able to pull together part 2 this week before I go away for Pokemon Regionals. Depends how prepared I am going into it though. Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Beasties and Pox

If there's one thing that can be said about my level of hobby progress, it's that I'm consistently inconsistent!

I spent the better part of a week basically doing nothing, then once again I churned out loads in a couple of days.

I decided to take quick break from my Elves to paint up some beasties for Middle Earth. There's a new Forge World character out who allows me to use them in a Mordor list so I rifled through my bits cupboard to see what I could cobble together:

They're nothing special tbh. Mostly painted with washes with a few highlights and hit with some gloss varnish on the Spiders. I am pretty impressed that I managed to finally make use of my Skull Pass Spiders though, after nearly 15 years! I'm not entirely sure where the Fenrisian Wolf came from, but he made for a handy Warg, so he got thrown in there too. Not bad for a few hours work!

The other thing I've been working on is for a mate:

The guy I've been painting all those Death Guard for wanted some Possessed, so inspired by ADB' Black Legion series, we had the pretty cool idea that they could all be captured Imperials. It's been pretty fun messing around with colour schemes and 'scumming them up'. This batch is nearly finished, just needing a few details picking out. He's wanting at least five more though so I get to play around with a few more Chapters. I'm open to suggestions on what those could be!

Anyway that's all for today. Figured you guys would enjoy the little update. Not sure if I'll get much done in the rest of this week, but I've got next week off work, so hopefully there will be more progress to show you then.

Happy hobbying! 

Friday, 28 January 2022

More generic Elf progress

I seem to be doing hobby in fits and starts atm. After a week and a half of not touching a brush at all, I finished work early the other night, sat down to paint and somehow cranked out about 8 hours of hobby time!

Can't really argue with tbh. I've just got to roll with whatever motivation my brain choses to give me at any one time.

In this case it's yet more Elves:

It's been really nice just working on a single project like this. Everything seems to go so much quicker as I develop a sort of muscle memory for each step. It's almost a shame that these are the last of the Ranger section of the army, but the same methods will translate over well to the armoured Elves, so it's all good.

Surprisingly, that Legolas sculpt has grown on me a little as I painted it. I originally wasn't a fan of it at all, but I picked him up as part of a Made to Order bundle with Tauriel, but he just looked too small and bland for my liking. 

Now though, I wouldn't say it's my favourite Leggy sculpt by a long shot, but I gained more appreciation for it as I painted him. I'll probably still use the metal versions of him as my leader, but this guy might end up seeing some use if I need an extra Ranger or Sentinel to throw into a list. 

That's it for today though. I'm going to try and ride this renewed surge if hobby mojo fir a few days, but your guess is as good as mine as to whether it results in anything. 

Until next time, happy hobbying! 

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Generic Elf Progress

I've had a pretty quiet hobby week. As predicted, me being back at work has somewhat sapped my energy for working on anything hobby related. I'll try and rectify that this week though, as I'll have a few more days to myself. 

Luckily you don't have to miss out on a progress post though, as I actually forgot to put something up which I painted last week:

It's just continuing to spruce up my existing Mirkwood Elves, but progress is progress! 

Those finecast armoured Elves are an absolute pain to paint, especially the shields, but at least they're done now. I've got another 9 of them unpainted to do after these so that should be 'fun'. It is nice to be making progress on them though. Once all the infantry is done, I'll move on to my various Thranduil sculpts which need doing. My vague goal is to have the army finished in the first quarter of this year. I'll probably have to see how I go on that though, as I keep getting distracted by my Orks! 

Anyway that's it for today. Just a quick one, but hopefully something will click back into place and I'll have more to share with you soon. 

Happy Hobbying!