Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Beasties and Pox

If there's one thing that can be said about my level of hobby progress, it's that I'm consistently inconsistent!

I spent the better part of a week basically doing nothing, then once again I churned out loads in a couple of days.

I decided to take quick break from my Elves to paint up some beasties for Middle Earth. There's a new Forge World character out who allows me to use them in a Mordor list so I rifled through my bits cupboard to see what I could cobble together:

They're nothing special tbh. Mostly painted with washes with a few highlights and hit with some gloss varnish on the Spiders. I am pretty impressed that I managed to finally make use of my Skull Pass Spiders though, after nearly 15 years! I'm not entirely sure where the Fenrisian Wolf came from, but he made for a handy Warg, so he got thrown in there too. Not bad for a few hours work!

The other thing I've been working on is for a mate:

The guy I've been painting all those Death Guard for wanted some Possessed, so inspired by ADB' Black Legion series, we had the pretty cool idea that they could all be captured Imperials. It's been pretty fun messing around with colour schemes and 'scumming them up'. This batch is nearly finished, just needing a few details picking out. He's wanting at least five more though so I get to play around with a few more Chapters. I'm open to suggestions on what those could be!

Anyway that's all for today. Figured you guys would enjoy the little update. Not sure if I'll get much done in the rest of this week, but I've got next week off work, so hopefully there will be more progress to show you then.

Happy hobbying!