Monday 22 December 2008


I suppose i'd better introduce myself and my army's etc.
I'm a eighteen year old student from norfolk and have been playing 40k for five years. I've collected a good few armies over the years, ranging from Space marines and Chaos to Guard, Orks and 'Nids. At one point i had a sizable Witch Hunters force, but unfortunatly i've sold a lot of it recently to pay for my latest Ork warband.

At the moment i have both a Space Marine and Ork Pirates army on the go. I'll be doing specific posts focusing on each individually, but that's for a later date, when my camera's working properly. For now i'm gonna post up a few images from my orks.

Warboss Igork 'da Pirate Boss' (eyepatch and power klaw coming soon)

Tankbusta and Nob from the Bosses Retinue.

Sunday 21 December 2008

General 40k

Hi there!

This is just a general blog of anything 40k that manages to grab my attention, so it could end up covering anything from my latest conversion or painting project, to GW news or whatever.