Monday 8 April 2013

Mechanicum Battle Construct done

It's been a while, but I finally painted up that Mechanicum construct I showed you a few months ago.

X1565-ZY, as I've dubbed it was actually very simple to paint. I started with a Boltgun Metal base, then mixed Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia washes to create the dirty metal look, then lightly applied Vallejo Weathering Powders to finish it off. The wepon was a mixed of Enchanted blue blended with Regal Blue.

Although I like it, I can't help but think it needs a little more. Maybe I should add a splash of red or green to tie it with the Mechanicum or the Sons of Horus respectively. What do you guys think?

Pre Heresy Fabius WIP

Here's something I've started knocking together. I know he's not a Son of Horus, but I want to test out a Primus Medicae in my next game and I figured that if I'm going to field a Chief Apothecary, I might as well use Fabius

I did some minor conversions to him, namely filing down his overly-chaotic shoulder pads. His right one needs replacing at some point, as the filing has left it lopsided, but he'll do for now. I'll probably end up converting some allied Emperors Children to accompany him at some point.

Vulture-Talon nearly done

The Vulture's nearly done now, bar some shading and weathering. It should be taking to the field for the first time on Wednesday evening, which means it needs a half decent base.

Here's what I've knocked together:

The painting on it isn't perfect, but it looks good enough to me for now. It can always be touched up when I got to finish the bases on the rest of the army. I need to file way the sand that's stuck to the side too. The whole thing isn't bad for a two day project though

Sunday 7 April 2013

Vultures and Spaceships

 I finally painted something!

I spent the evening making a start on the Storm Talon/Vulture I showed you yesterday and my Sons of Horus fleet too, due to the fact that both use pretty much the same palette.

None of of them are anywhere near done, but it's good to finally see some colours being applied to some models

Saturday 6 April 2013

Legion Flyers

I seem to be getting a lot built at the moment, but very little painted. Still, it's all progress at the end of the day, even if it is still very much WIP.

My latest builds have been a pair of flyers. The first being a Storm Eagle, converted from the Storm Raven kit and some plasticard:

I've always wanted a Storm Eagle or two to support the Fated 15th, but at £90 a go from Forge World and having a limited hobby fund, I found it hard to justify spending out for it, as gorgeous as the model is (especially as I want two).

So I bought myself a Storm Raven for £45 from my FLGS, looking to see what I could I do to make it more Storm Eagle-like. As it turns out, it's surprisingly simple and with a few hours work, it looks close enough to quell any size/WYSIWYG issues and look pretty good to boot. Plus, if I'm willing to put in the conversion work on a second kit at that price, I can get two Storm Eagles for the price of one. That can waitr though

My second flyer purchase was a Storm Talon:

I know the Legions can't technically have these, but I'm going to count it as Vulture with Punisher Cannons - it's certainly got enough dakka for it!

Assault Cannons were still very much experimental at the outbreak of the heresy, but I'm sure the Mechanicum wouldn't have objected to allowing the Warmasters own legion to field test the new weaponry. I figure having that many guns on one vehicle should more than justify the 20 strength five shots it can dish out, plus the small chassis can account for the Vector Dancer special rule

Wednesday 3 April 2013

BFG Legion Capital Ship

I got a little distracted from my Sons of Horus with building myself a small Battlefleet Gothic fleet to go with them. It's still pre-heresy though, so I don't feel so bad.

Allow me to present the 'Wolf of Cthonia', Gloriana Class Battleship (to be used as either Emperor or Retribution), Flagship of the Sons of Horus, 15th Company

The Gloriana Class isn't represented in game, but it's mentioned in 'Betrayer' to be the class that most Legion Flagships come under. As I said, it can be used in game as an Emperor or Retribution Class, as I couldn't decide which one to field. Now I don't have to, as it's got enough battery's and launch bays for both.

I think it looks quite magnificent. A vessel worthy of the XVIth Legion! I'm rather looking forward to getting it painted too.