Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BFG Legion Capital Ship

I got a little distracted from my Sons of Horus with building myself a small Battlefleet Gothic fleet to go with them. It's still pre-heresy though, so I don't feel so bad.

Allow me to present the 'Wolf of Cthonia', Gloriana Class Battleship (to be used as either Emperor or Retribution), Flagship of the Sons of Horus, 15th Company

The Gloriana Class isn't represented in game, but it's mentioned in 'Betrayer' to be the class that most Legion Flagships come under. As I said, it can be used in game as an Emperor or Retribution Class, as I couldn't decide which one to field. Now I don't have to, as it's got enough battery's and launch bays for both.

I think it looks quite magnificent. A vessel worthy of the XVIth Legion! I'm rather looking forward to getting it painted too.

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