Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Selling the lot!

A while back I launched Operation 8th Edition. I raised a grand total to £20, which then went on non-hobby stuff. Now i'm selling stuff again, but this is far more important.

I recently put a deposit down on a flat with my lovely fiance and we're moving in in a few weeks time. Now the future Mrs Khorneguy has said that she isn't putting up with the obscene amount of hobby stuff I have cluttering up my current place. Therefore 99% of it's got to go.

Here's a list of what I have so far. I'll add (a lot) more as I sort through what I've got over the next few days. Email me if you're interested


2 x SM Scout Bikes - 1 sealed in box, 1 seal broken, but everything is in there - £4 each
1x classic Iron Hand Straken, painted - £4
2 x SM Drop Pods, 1 is slightly damaged - £15 each
3 x Eldar Rangers - painted - £6
1 x AoBR Warboss - painted - £5
1 x AoBR Dreadnought - painted - £5
8 x Assault Marines - mostly painted, 1 converted to hold a meltagun - £10
45+ Ork Boyz of various types - painted - £25
1 x Ork Weirdboy - painted and converted (head swap) - £5
Various converted ork vehicles - £25 for lot or individual offers
6 x Skull Pass Spider Riders - unpainted, slightly damaged - £2
1 Ork Stompa - built, converted and painted - £45
1 x Pair of dragon wings from HE dragon - painted, slightly damaged - £4
1 x SM Tactical Squad - painted - £10
Apocalypse Rulebook - £20

Codices - £10 each

Chaos Daemons Codex
CSM Codex
Ork Codex
Tyranid Codex
Eldar Codex
Space Marine Codex
Space Wolves Codex
Vampire Counts Army Book
Orcs & Goblins book
Skaven Army Book
Beatsmen Army Book
6th ed Dark Elf Army Book
6th Ed Hordes of Chaos Army Book
6th Ed Lizardmen Army Book

Warhammer 7th Ed Rulebook - near Mint condition - £20
40k Mini Rulebook - £7
Chapter Approved 2003 - £10
2009 Space Hulk Tiles and Doors - £15
2009 Space Hulk Broodlord - £5

The Killing Ground by Graham McNeill - £4
Heroes of the Space Marines - £4
Eisenhorn Omnibus by Dan Abnett- £6
Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium omnibus by Sandy Mitchell- £6
Storm of Iron by Graham Mcneill £5
Signed hardback copy of Blood Pact by Dan Abnett - £15

Various back issues of WD dating back to 2003 - enquire for issue numbers - 75p an issue or 3 for £2

Postage will be worked out per item

There you go guys, go nuts, it's going to be helping me out a lot.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Even more Druchii

Just a quick update. I think I can honestly say at this point that I've never seen this amount of paint on one of my armies.

Some of the first rank of plastic Executioners

Hag BSB. The freehand's still WIP but I think it's going well. I'm going to dedicate a day or two soon to getting it done properly.

Assorted army shots. Nothing's completely done yet, but everything's in the later stages of WIP.

The spots you see on some of those crossbowmen shields are being turned into more freehand designs.

And finally, a WIP of what I'm doing with my Cauldron of Blood. There's going to be slaves and a Death Hag with a whip added

My god, at this rate I'll actually meet my goal of having a fully painted army by January. That's if I ever pull the money together to get my Witch Elves (45 of them don't come cheap)

Anyway enjoy and comment. Any comments or critiques are welcome.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Shadowblade

This new Mandrake model by GW is quite frankly amazing and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have to for my Dark Elves. In my mind that thing would make a perfect counts-as Shadowblade.

I've always said that Shadowblade has to have some form of magical abilities, given the fact that he's able to hide effortlessly amongstthe likes of Dwarfs and Undead without detection. Now it's ok for him to hide in the ranks of the likes for High Elves, Empire, Bretonnias, or any basically man-shaped force, but to remain undetected amongst most of the races out there, there has to be some magic at work.

Surely the Vampire controlling hordes of undead would notice there's a still-living mind sneaking about in his army?

Surely the Black Orcs notice that Gabnutz actually looks a bit skinny and pale?

Surely the Lizardmen notice that one of their number doesn't have scales?

Come to think of it, most DE Assassins don't make sense to me. For example, you can hide an Assassin in a Witch Elf unit. But you'd think the Brides of Khaine would notice that one of their sisters was actually a bloke and wore rather a lot of clothes, or at the very least the enemy would be able to see the black hooded and cloaked figure in the sea of pale elf flesh.

All this has always cemented in my mind the idea of magical concealment - it doesn't matter what the Assassin looks like physically, because it's magic that's really concealing them.

Which is why I feel Mandrakes would be perfect for representing them. I'll be watching rather closely to see what other Mandrake models they bring out, I may get a few, one for Shadowblade and a couple for 'mundane' assassins, but at the very least I'm getting this one for the Master Assassin himself. I can just picture how epic it'd look leaping up out of the enemy ranks, throwing off his magical disguise as he plunges his blade into the chest of the enemy general...

Just wish they'd hurry up and put it on pre-order already!

Dark Elf-y stuff

Here's Hyron, very nearly done. Obviously he still needs his halberd/blade painted, but after a year working on him, three different paint jobs and countless repairs, finally he's at a point where I'd actually be proud to use him in my games. It's mainly just little details to do now, which shouldn't take too long.

Here's everything I've got so far, the majority of it still being WIP's. They've undergone fairly dramatic changes, paint job-wise over the last few weeks as I've been getting advice from the regulars down at my local GW (Cambridge).

The whole lot


Crossbows and Executioners

And finally, what do you guys think of this idea for my Hydra...

I'm going to paint them brightly and vividly, saying that they're a rare breed captured from deep in the blackspine mountains and bought at great price by Hyrons expedition. A unique adaption for this sub species is their ability to spew magical flame - a by-product of the warpstone tainted water they drank (explaining the breath weapon).

Now I'm at uni, I should hopefully get a lot more done and posted up from now on. Hopefully.