Sunday 20 March 2022

Catching Up Part 1

Wow, has it really been over a month since I posted anything on here? Oops.

I'll freely admit that it was mostly down to laziness. I've gotten a fair amount of stuff done, I just couldn't be bothered to write posts about it. I guess that's come back to hire me!

I got so much done in fact that I'm going to have to split it across multiple posts. I've been on a bit of a personal kick to try and clear my hobby desk of unfinished models. It hasn't worked, but I've certainly made some serious progress!

That's how I came to paint a random model which I'm unlikely to ever actually use:

I bought the Showgirls set for Malifaux way back in 2014. The game looked cool, but after a couple of demo games, I decided it wasn't for me, so I never got around to painting the set. That's why this has been sitting around untouched ever since.

I fancied a bit of a pallete cleanser a few weeks back so I sat down and painted her over the course of about 6 hours. She turned out pretty well I reckon. Not my best work, but good enough for something which is going to just sit in my display cabinet for the rest of time! If I e er find the rest of the Showgirls, I might do them too at some point, but it's nice to get her done at least.

After that I turned my attention to something much bigger:

You might remember before Christmas I started working on sprucing up my Xestobiax Warlord 'Metatron Omnissiah'. Well my enthusiasm kind of petered out on it so I ended up sitting on my desk for ages, until last week when I decided to crack on with it. Again I basically did it all in a single sitting. That's the way my hobby mojo seems to be hitting me atm, so I just rolled with it. 

I'm quite proud of this, especially the way the white turned out, which was a bit patchy when I painted this the first time a few years back. I keep saying it, but it's really quite remarkable how much my painting has improved in the space of just a couple of years. I'm looking forward to getting the whole Maniple done to this standard, once I've cleared a few more things off my backlog. I do need to get some custom transfers made for the Legio symbol at some point, but I'll worry about that later. 

That's it for part 1. Hopefully I'll be able to pull together part 2 this week before I go away for Pokemon Regionals. Depends how prepared I am going into it though. Wish me luck!