Thursday, 18 November 2021

More Pootling

As I predicted, I decided to take things pretty easy over the last week or so. All I did hobby-wise last week was finally spray up my Titanicus accessories:

Only took me three years! Seems a little thing, but it feels so good to have finally gotten it done. I was getting sick of not being able to see my pips properly whilst I was playing, so I chose the bright, most lurid colour I could to spray them with!

Then this week I've been back on holiday, but I've just been pootling along with hobby stuff. After one of my Xestobiax Titans took a cat-related tumble from a shelf, it got moved up the queue for sprucing up, so I spent Monday working on that with some YouTube videos on in the background.

It was surprisingly relaxing. There was something quite zen about sitting there and just neatening up a three year-old paint job. There's still a lot to do with it, but I think it's going to become my go to thing to return to when I want to chill between bigger projects. Talking of which... 

I finally returned to the backlog train hard today and got these guys finished up. They were really loose ends from the Mordor stuff I finished a few weeks ago, but pretty important for the Minas Morgul force I'm looking at doing.

I'm really happy with how they look, although to be fair I think the lightbox does them a lot of favours. Every time I've pointed this out to people though, I've been told to shut up and look at my two recent best painted awards! *grumbles*

At least they're done though and finally off my painting desk, leaving me free to work on some 40k and Titanicus stuff. Expect to see an update on that very soon!

Until then, stay safe and happy hobbying! 

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Big Squig Energy

I really need to stop doubting my painting abilities so much. I only went and nabbed another Best Painted! 

I was pretty shocked tbh. I really didn't think my Cirith Ungol were anywhere near as good as my Hobbits, but clearly they impressed people, so I can't argue with that! 

It was a really fun event too. Was great to see a lot of people I haven't seen for ages and play some excellent games. It really brought home to me how much I love gaming in Middle Earth and I left with a lot of ideas for future projects. 

As for results, me and my mate didn't do overly well, but it was still a great day and it was a good laugh. Really looking forward to the next one! 

Not one to rest on my laurels, I went right back to my hobby desk! I finished up some Orks on Sunday night.

It's nice to actually finish up some models from the Beast Snaggas box. Apart from the Squighog Nob,  the box has  e, been laying forgotten in a dark corner of my hobby pile for the past few months while I've been distracted with other stuff. Of course it would have been better I'd finished something which was actually in my crusade roster, but oh well. With our Requisition Points expanding as we move into phase 2, they might end up in there anyway!

As for the models themselves, I'm far happier with how the riders turned out than the Bomb Squigs did. On the other hand, they're essentially glorified tokens so it makes sense that I focused more on the riders themselves. They're all good though and it's another thing off my slowly shrinking backlog!

I'm probably going to take things easy hobby-wise for the rest of this week. I'm back at work for a few days before going back on another week's holiday, so I don't expect to really do much at least until I'm off again. Rest assured though that I've got plenty of hobby ideas bubbling away, so I'll be back soon to share them with you.

 Until then, happy hobbying! 

Thursday, 4 November 2021

A week of actual gaming!

I've had a pretty good week in the hobby. After being ridiculously busy for the last few months, I've finally gotten a week's holiday so I've actually had a chance to grab some long-overdue games. 

On Monday I managed to fit in the latest episode in our local Crusade campaign:

I faced some Daemons using Bel'akor's Legion and got a drubbing! I suppose I was overdue one, having easily won my previous two games. It was a good laugh though and tbh it was great just to get out and be sociable. 

Whilst I was there and under some decent natural lighting, I managed to nab a group pic of a bunch of my fully painted Orks. It's not quite everything I've gotten painted, just what was in my Crusade roster. Looking pretty good though, even if I do say so myself! 

My original plan was to use this campaign to get everything in my list painted before the Power Level goes up. We've reached the end of Phase 1 though and it turns out that my progress has been pretty lacking. I guess I'm going to have to try and catch up as we go forward. Fun fun!

Anyway, I also managed to get a game of Titanicus in with another friend today. When we arranged things the other day, it was just going to be a standard game. Then the rules for Corrupted Titans leaked last night, so we decided to have some fun to test them out.

In a running theme for this week, my Mortis lost horribly, but it was immense fun. Talking with Chris, I've come away with load of fun ideas on how to combine and use the new rules and my enthusiasm for the game is really bubbling away, so expect more gribbly Titans from me in the next few weeks!

As much fun as gaming has been, I've also managed to get my Mordor Orcs finished for Saturday's event:

They're not going to winning any awards, but they turned out decently enough and it's nice to finally get these done and put the way - they've been sitting half finished on my painting desk for nearly two years now! 

I managed to get a few extras done on top of those too:

The Captains are needed, but the Shaman and Kardush are going to part of my wider Mordor army. I managed to pick up the new plastic Witch King to go with them over the weekend, so that will probably be one of my next projects. I'm really starting to amass a good amount of stuff for my Mordor now, despite not actually meaning to collect too much of it. Bits and pieces just seem to have kept accumulating! 

Moving forward, I'm not actually sure what I want to work on next, beyond a few bits and pieces (*cough*Titans*cough*). I'll just have to see where my whim takes me. 

 Until next time folks, happy hobbying!