Sunday, 30 August 2009

Name Change

From now on, Khorneguy's Lair will be known as The Wandering Mind.

This change is for several reasons:

1. I like this name better
2. Whilst i'm known all over the internet as Khorneguy, my blog's shown no real preference towards khorne stuff, but constantly references my wandering attention span
3. It allows me to experiment with all races/systems without worrying that the blog title is somewhat misleading.

It's probably going to change at some point again in the near future, but i'm going to 'trial run' the new name for now, as well as mull it over on the ferry tommorrow, as i embark on my annual holiday. No doubt i'll return from the continet with a much better name, but for now 'Khorneguy's Lair' is gone for good.

What do you guy's think?

Did you like 'Khorneguy's Lair'?

Any suggestions for a new name?


  1. The Wandering Mind is a cool name.

  2. The name is cool- it also fits the image. But I wouldn't change the name too often. It makes people forget who you are. If you are Khornelord- it's your blog . No need to change anyway. Just my cents. Have fun and concerning the Deathstrike "you should play a 2on2 game and have Ork crews fire your deathstrikes- thousand times as funny!"