Friday 28 August 2009

Deathstrikes are fun!

Sometimes you just have to cackle maniaclly and hope that your doomsday device works!

Played my first game with a deathstrike today and i have to say, it was a blast!(no pun intended)

Deathstrikes pretty much sum up the way i like to play. Fun, quirky and they doesn't always pay off, but it's awesome to play with them anyway.

I reckon i need to convert up a guard officer with a suit and moustache, just for effect. He can be a 'counts' as Creed, with the four orders a turn representing him going nuts and shouting at everyone in the general vicinity!

Essentially, my guard were holed up in the building they'd hidden the deathstrike behind and kept feeding the Deathwing infantry squads until it went off.

Luckily, it went off turn 2 and hit bang on target in the centre of the huge cluster of Deathwing terminators bearing down on my squishy infantry squads with the full blast of 6". I have never seen anyone roll so many fives and sixes as this bloke did, although i did wipe out a good half-dozen or so terminators. The look on his face was worth the points cost of the missile on its own!

Unfortunatley, it didn't slow him down and his army swept up my flank, all the while under fire from guardsmen with Autocannons and Plasma Guns. One plucky Commissar wiuth a power sword even managed to kill one up close and personal before being gutted by Belial. In the end we called it a draw, due to the fact that my opponent had to dash off, but it was a very fun game and i'm looking forward to facing him again in two weeks time.

Would a second Deathsrike be excessive?

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