Tuesday 7 February 2023

Orcs and Banner

Having been slowed down by a nasty bout of Covid, I'm back with a bit of progress. Once I was actually able to sit down at my hobby desk, I actually managed to crank out what I needed for my next Middle Earth event pretty quickly.

The Orcs are nothing special tbh, but I like how they turned out. They also give me a solid chunk of spears to back up my Black Numenoreans. I've played the game for years now, but had shockingly few spear Orcs painted up. This should unlock a huge amount of varients of armies for me to try out, so are a good investment to make. Most of them came from the models a mate handed me just before Christmas which I complained about, so it's good to get them done for that reason too. 

The other thing I finished up was Halbarad with his banner:

One of the main reasons I'm going to be running Grey Company as my Good list at the event was so I had an excuse to get him done! I've had him laying around for about four years now, so it's nice to finish him up. I converted a mounted version of him too, but that can't be used in the Legendary Legion, so that can wait for now. 

Looking at the picture, I don't think the banner photographed too well. I think it looks a lot better in person. I might have a play around with my light box and phone camera to resolve that issue for the future.

Getting these done far quicker than I expected has now left me with a few weeks of not really knowing what to work on. I'll have to have a think about what I'm going to do next. I'm thinking about sticking with the Middle Earth stuff and clearing some more of my backlog, or else sprucing up some more things for the event, but I'll see how I get on.

Until next time, happy hobbying! 

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