Tuesday 31 January 2023

Year of the Backlog (So far at least!)

I'm quite proud of myself right now. So far I haven't bought a single model in 2023. It may not sound like much of an achievement, but I'm normally terrible for picking up random things on a whim. That might go some way to explaining why I've struggled so much with my backlog until recently! 

Honestly though, I feel I've reached a point where I don't need to be actively buying models. I've got pretty much everything I want for my current armies and projects. Sure there's stuff I'd like to get at some point (especially that Vashtorr, it's very nice!), but I've got plenty to be getting on with for now.

Talking of which, this is what I managed to get painted in January:

Not the most productive January I've ever had, but not bad going considering I've had Pokemon Regionals followed by a bout of illness. Every little counts when it comes to model painting anyway!

Apologies that I haven't shown them off on here as I've finished them. I've just been ridiculously busy. I'll try and be a bit more diligent with that kind of thing in future though. For now, here's the Nobz I finished tonight:

I'm almost achingly close to having a fully painted Ork army. There's only got 5 more Nobz and 10 Beast Snaggas to go and I'll have my 1500 point League list fully painted! I'm hoping to get them done before that kicks off in a month or so.

Before that though, I need to spend some time with Middle Earth, getting some Orc spears done before an event at the end of the month. That's the other thing I've been working on this evening:

They shouldn't take me too long tbh, but I've got to get them done by the 25th, along with Halbarad for my Grey Company. Luckily event deadlines tend to do wonders for my productivity. I might even get time to do some Rangers I've been meaning to get done for ages too!

That's all for today though, so I'll leave it at that and hopefully post some more soon. 

 How's your 2023 hobbying going so far? 


  1. I love that Gretchin with a sign - those little touches really make an Ork army!
    I also have quite a few Mordor orcs - and I always say to myself, that they should not take to long and would open up a lot of possibilities for army lists. But so far, I did not have the motivation... Wishing you the best luck with yours!

    1. I tend not to get the motivation to do stuff like that unless I have an event looming. In theory if I cycle through what I take each time, everything will get painted eventually!