Friday, 26 June 2009

Orks of all varieties

Thought i'd post up some pics of my orks. I apologise now for the poor quality camera work, but the flash is stuck on my camera and i can't turn it off, despite my many attempts.

Warboss Igork da Pirate Boss and one of his Nobz. I abandoned the greatcoat idea in the end and subtly converted a Black Reach Warboss. Note the peg leg.

Nob with Big Choppa

A Goff Rocker i found on the GW website a while back and just had to have it. Unfortunately i had no place for it in my army, so i use him as a Nob with Waargh! 'Banner

Nob Biker, converted from SM Attack Bike and official test model for the Bad Moon mercenary contingent of my army.

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