Thursday 16 November 2023

Catching up

I know I vanished a little after my last post, but don't worry, my hobby mojo hasn't evaporated already! 

I'd love to say that I was just waiting until I finished up some stuff before showing it off, but honesty I'm just really terrible at finding the time and focus to write up blog posts.

As ever, I'll try and get better at posting in sometime resembling a timely manner, but for now have some nice photos of finished models to distract you from my failings:

I'm continuing my push towards the launch of Old World and managed to turn out an entire regiment of Executioners in the space of about two weeks. I'm really impressed with how they turned out and I have to say that the sight of a fully ranked Regiment makes me both nostalgic and excited for the return of Fantasy!

I haven't neglected my other projects, but there's far too much to go through in one post. I'll just show you what I've been working on in the past few days and try to keep things up to date in future:

I actually managed to crank out these three relatively quickly. I've got a Middle Earth event coming up this weekend, but I've been dithering on what to take. I finally decided last week to go with something a bit silly and fun, but I was short a few painted models I needed to make it work. 

I managed to get these done in just a couple of long sessions. They're by no means my best work, but I'm pretty happy with them and they'll do the job.

That's it for today. Like I said, there's a ton of stuff I've gotten finished which I just don't have space to show off. Like I said, I'll try and keep up with things a bit better in future.

For now though, happy hobbying! 


  1. Those executioners look lovely! Still great sculpts and great colour choice. And of course they look amazing as a ranked up unit like this!

  2. I'd certainly forgotten how impressive a fully ranked up unit could look!

    Absolutely love how these turned out