Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Keeping up to date and moving forward

In my last post I talked about my hobby mojo coming back and said I'd post again soon. Don't worry, it hasn't abandoned me already, I just wanted to have something completed to show you guys before I put anything up. Work had other ideas though. I've been ridiculously busy! 

At least I'm here now. I had actually written a much longer post, but the Blogger app seems to have eaten the draft, so this will be a much quicker one than I intended. I want to get back to blogging again on a regular basis, as even if I don't get as much response from here as I used to, it does help me organise my thoughts and stay on the right track.

Anyway, enough about that, I have some excellent news - I won another Best Painted award!

It goes rather nicely alongside the other two which I've won in the past year!

I'm rather happy with that, considering the amount of work I put into the display board.

It was actually quite a close run thing, only winning by a single vote. It's good to see other people stepping up their painting game. High quality models benefit everyone!

Moving on from that though, I've been working on my Imperial Fists campaign army, starting with the Phalanx Warders which I started nearly four months ago, before I even moved:

It feels so good to finally get these finished. Like I said, I started these when I first got the Age of Darkness box, way back in July, so they've been on my to do list for quite a while now. I even managed to get another five done pretty quickly after that, along with Castellan Holt, my commander for the campaign, plus a Contemptor Dreadnought done as well. Clearly I was on a roll! 

Hopefully the rest of the army won't be too far behind. I've managed to work out a relatively quick and easy recipe that gives pretty nice looking results, so the progress should just keep on rolling, in theory. 

I've got a bit of time off work next week, so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to crack on and get some hobby done.

That's all for today though. Until next time, happy hobbying! 

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  1. Great looking Fists! I really like the Warder's head on the Praetor, fits quite nicely and gives him character!
    Congratulations on the third painting trophy!