Friday, 17 June 2022

I did it!!!

I actually did it!!

I reached positive painting figures!

For the first time since I started tracking it in late 2017, I've painted more models than I've bought!

I got thinking after my last post. With how quickly my Savage Orcs paint up using Contrast, surely I could get a few more done before the Horus Heresy box arrived on Saturday?

Turns out I was right:

Tools about three hours of work in total, including drying time on the varnish. Piece of cake!

 Contrast really does seem the way to go on horde armies like this. I'm often guilty of overcomplicating my schemes, so it's refreshing to find something quick and easy and stick to it. 

With this kind of momentum, I think it'll be pretty easy for me to work on them a few at a time alongside my other projects until the Army is done. 

It feels very strange to finally be looking at the positive side of my progress tracker. Strange, but good though. I've been painting an absolute ton of stuff over the last few years and there's been times when I've felt it would never reach this point.

And just as I was sitting back and savouring my victory, this arrived a day early...


It still counts, right?



  1. Congratulations! Even if it was short lived, the triumph was there!

    1. Well at least I know it happened and is possible.

      I'm going to try and extend the moment by not taking off the points for the box quite yet :p

  2. Bwah ha ha ha!! Congratulations, mate. Short lived, but worth celebrating :-)