Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Pinging off Points

Between messing about with my Orks and a personal project I'm doing for a friend, I've had a distinct lack of finished models to show off in the past couple of weeks. Not only is that bad news for my backlog, it's also terrible news for my motivation to attack said backlog. I've always got to feel like I'm making progress or my hobby mojo has a tendency to dry up on me. 

My solution was pretty simple: carve a chunk off my negative painting points by going for an easy target. 

That's how I ended up painting 32 Poxwalkers over the course of two evenings:

They were pretty easy to do. I mostly used washes and Contrast to go for a quick and dirty style, then using Blood for the Blood God to give them a little 'pop'. They've been on my To Do list for a couple of years though, so it feels pretty good to get them done.

After these, positive painting figures seems actually within pretty easy reach, despite my recent purchases, so I might take aim for a few more easy targets before I do anything else.

I'll decide on that later though. I also got my first couple of Orks done:

These took longer to do than I thought they would, which is a little worrying for the project as whole. I suppose these were test models though, so maybe I probably shouldn't worry too much. Obviously I'll get quicker the more of them I do!

I tell you what though, if I can maintain this level of painting across the whole army, I'll be really happy. Certainly an improvement on what I could manage ten years ago!

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  1. They are some great looking Orks, mate. I think I am going to try and paint a lockdown army in a quick and dirty style as well (or perhaps quick and clean as heck; no extra weathering or detail). Good luck with the backlog!