Sunday 11 August 2013

Soul Drinkers rising

Ok with rumours and images of the new SM 'Dex coming thick and fast, I feel that it's high time I revived an old army of mine - my Soul Drinkers.

I commissioned Ron from From The Warp to make Sarpedon for me three years ago and for six months, every game I played was using them. Then I moved house and got interested in Space Wolves and they were shelved indefinitely, their models bled off to fuel other armies until only Saredon and a few marines remained.

Now though, I feel it's time to revive them and bring them back to their former glory, especially with the new 'Dex about to come out.

So here he is, fresh from a comfy life on my display shelf, Sarpedon of the Soul Drinkers chapter:

He needs dusting off and a new weapon added to his left hand, as the Soulspear blade snapped off last time I moved flat, never to be seen again. That's ok though, as Sarpedon wielded a stolen force axe in later books, so as soon as I find a suitable donor, he'll have one.

Now to dig out some marines to go with him...

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