Friday, 8 March 2013

I feel dirty even Theory-hammering this

I've found an evil, evil combination whilst testing some combinations for Horus Heresy lists, so cheesy that it even puts 5th edition Grey Knights in the shade. Yes, various forums have been talking about it for a while, yet I underestimated just how cheesy this combo can be. Until now.

Before I go on, I'd just like to point that this not worked out using mathematics (which i suck at), but rather through a test-firing conducted simply by chucking dice around.

So here we go:

One of the HQ choices available to Legion layers is the Moritat. He comes with a special rule that lets him fire another shot with his pistols for every successful hit he inflicts. With him being Ballistic Skill 5, coupled with the ability to take two Plasma Pistols, this gets nasty.

Here's what I rolled, using Assault Terminators with TH/SS (the first notoriously tough unit that i could think of) as a test target.

19 Hits (hitting on twos)
15 Wounds (wounding on twos)
6 Dead Assault Terminators (using their 3+ Inv. Save)

That's from one guy with a pair of pistols!

Now, if you take a Divination Librarian alongside him, it becomes truely insane. Cast Prescience on the Moritat and the real filthy cheese begins.

Lets run my numbers again:

147 Hits (2+ with re-rolls)
67 Wounds (2+ to wound)
37 Dead Assault Terminators (Using 3+ Inv. Save)

As you can see, that's pretty insane. It's more Terminators than you get in most Deathwing Armies!

Also, bear in mind this is just 210 Points (minimum, for the two characters combined) of the army, leaving a lot of points to spend on other cheese.

 Yes, they tried to balance it out in a few ways by not allowing him to join any unit apart from the overpriced Destroyer Squads and stating that the Moritat can't shoot or assault the in that turn or the turn after it uses the Chain Fire rule. To be honest though, if you give him a Jump Pack and make careful use of cover you can hide him quite effectively so it's hardly a drawback.
As for the restrictions on joining units, I'd gladly pay the points premium (roughly Vanguard Veteran prices without the same level of hitting power), as the sheer power of the Moritat makes up for it, whilst also allowing him to backed by ablative wounds. Destroyers can be also armed with Rad Grenades and Missile Launchers with the 'Rad' effect, lowering their targets toughness to leave them easier picking for the rest of your force.

And people wonder why Forgeworld lists/ units aren't allowed in tournaments!

Note: I'd just like to point out that I'd never field the Moritat/ Divination combo unless i knew my opponent was a real WAAC bastard who needed taking down a peg or two, but it's always interesting to think about nonetheless

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