Tuesday 27 September 2011

Post Games Day Recovery

Games Day made me ill.

It always does. I don't know what it is about it, whether it's the 10,000 geeks packed into the same space, the constant noise or my usual all-nighter the day before, but it does. My voice went round about 11am Sunday and still hasn't returned and i've got the flue from hell.

I lost yesterday completely, falling asleep as soon as I got back 10pm Sunday night and waking up 11am this morning. Not good, especially as I was due in Uni yesterday.

But all in all it was worth it. Yeah, i know people complained about the queues, but as long as you weren't fussy what time of day you got your stuff, it wasn't so bad.

I managed to bag the following

- Forgeworld Boarding Marine

- Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres-Pattern Assault Cannon and Power Fist

- Salvations Reach, unsigned unfortunately, due to the queues, but a damn good read nonetheless. I've been forcing myself to keep putting it down to get some uni work done.

- The Outcast Dead, again unsigned.

- and finally, a single Scout Marine from the Rites of Initiation. Rather handy, as I've been trying to work out the best way to make my Wolf Scout with Mark of the Wulfen without having to buy an entire Scouts box

I also struck up a few interesting conversations. I went to the Warseer meet-up, saw Harry and co. They seem nice sorts, but i mainly ended up talking to the guy who goes by the name ChaosAstartes about the nature of Khorne and martial honour.

I also went out to smoke and got chatting to a fellow Space Wolves player about Thunderwolves conversions (Bloodcrushers are the way to go!) and the Sons of Russ in general.

Plus I got to be sarcastic to Matt Ward and STILL get his autograph

So all in all I'd rate this Games Day 7/10. Next time GW, sort the queues!

Right now GD's out the way, back to my projects. My question to you is, where next? Thousand Sons or Space Wolves?


  1. I really just couldn't handle the queue. I didn't buy anything which I disappointed about but I just couldn't handle being shoved around as much as I was there. It was pretty ridiculous.

  2. Yeah im glad i missed it this year, it sounded like chaos!

    As for the illness - i just think that mass geekage breeds disease! At the last tournament i went to my girlfriend got a D+V bug from using the only toilet at the venue!

    We're a scabby lot!

  3. Yeah, i remember you man, i went outside and you was talking about some space wolve stuff, And you're thoat sounded worse than a souped up Chav car! haha :)

  4. @ Warflake: I was lucky, I managed to order most of what i needed from Forgeworld so I just picked up my order from the front.

    I was really dissappointed that I couldn't get to see any of the BL authors thanks to the queues though

    @ The Gun Grave: yeah chaos was about right, although i doubt even the Ruinous Powers could do worse than that

    It's going through and hearing about stuff like that makes you realise that the cliches about geeks had to come from somewhere

    @ Norm Gray: Hey, yeah that'd me. Did you to talk to me? Sorry, but I spoke to a lot of people that day, so just jog my memory

  5. That was me you were having the Space wolves conversation with, I'll see if I can send you some pics of mine so far.

  6. Odinsport: Hey dude, good to hear from you.

    My email's rickyjoy9@yahoo.co.uk, or it's at the top of the page. Just shoot me a line and it'll be great to talk

    It'll be great to see your some of your stuff. I'll have pics of my Thunderwolves and Bjorn that i was telling you about up in the next day or two.