Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hellebron, Beastcatchers and a dab of magic

Hellebron on Manticore

This is taking far longer than i expected but as my general that's only to be expected really. I'm showing progress here but this is the real reason why I'm posting...

Beastcatchers of Kar Karond aka. Witch Elves, converted from the new Dark Eldar Wych kit. All in all i think it's quite an effective conversion. Simple too. All i had to do is clip off the splinter pistols and attach the tabs to 20mm square slottabases

And finally the dab of magic in the form of my two Lv 2 Sorceresses, Beccar and Luhna.

Beccar, the one in the dress is the physical manifestation of my fiance on the battlefield, after she borrowed the model for an intro game i played against her (my gobbos were massacred mercilessly by her) and since I got it back it's been incredibly lucky, with no miscasts at all and three lucky escapes from death against Ogre hordes. with a bit of luck it might break the dice curse that seems to have fallen over me over the last few years. Maybe

Anyway, comment away guys, let me know what you think (I'm getting paranoid noone's actually looking at this stuff) and I'll be posting progress on the Winged Contraption sometime soon, along with the beginnings of the Empire army to go with it, plus fluff.


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