Sunday, 20 December 2009

First of the Pact

Ok, it's not 'tomorrow', like i said, but i've finally pulled some stuff together. The main factor that's been stopping me doing much is that this is the view out my window at the moment:

And that shed you see in the corner is my painting shed. With no heating and plummeting temperatures, it's easy to see why i've got very little painting done recently.

However, i have managed to scrape together the following:

This is going to be my company command squad. As you can see, i've only painted a few of them, but i'm getting there. I've begun sculpting Grotesques onto their faces, even with my limited sculpting skills, i think they're ok.

The Servitor's going to be my Master of the fleet, representing Dark Mechanicum support and the big mutated thing is my 'counts as' Nork Deddog. Also, the imperial banner will be suitably defiled during the painting process.

As soon as i can access my painting shed without dying of frostbite, they'll be all be painted.

In the meantime, i've been building the first of my 'Pact rank and file. They aren't Death Brigades, as i see Storm Troopers to be more fitting for those. Instead, these are going to just be a veteran squad with flamers and a heavy flamer (in preparation for the 'Nid codex landing in january). Progress on them is slow, due to the sculpting of the groteques, but i've found that Dark Elf warrior helmets work really well sprinkled about as grotesques, providing a bit of contrast to the IG helmets.

Also, i found some of my old attempts at Blood Pact, which have since been incorperated into my other Chaos IG army. These will be 'repatriated' back into the Blood Pact in due course.

I have a FW Manticore, which i bought at games day that still needs building, so my 'Pact won't be short of fire support.

I've also had a thought for a sweet artillery piece - A Skaven Screaming Bell, crewed by Pact members! It'd certainly be different and could be used as any piece of artillery i liked, using 'counts as'.

It might not fit the idea of the Blood Pact looting IG equipment (as they're most commonly portrayed in the books), but it could be rationalised as being one of the more crazy things 'donated' to the Anarchs elite by the other warlords, as well as providing an interesting and eye-catching piece.

What do you guys think?

Also, constructive criticism of my WIP's would be welcome


  1. Yes! Glad to see some pictures up. I love your counts-as Nork, it's fluid pose and strangeness is just right for a mutant. Not too big, not too small. I'd like to see close ups of your grotesks, can your camera focus that close?

    How are you planning to paint the dark elf heads? Honestly, my first thought was "Dark elf heads on cadian bodies." Painting can totally change that though, depending on what you do. Is there a way to take away some of the dark elf cone-head? I think if they looked like human sized helmets they would blend in nicely.

    The screaming bell could look really cool with a sacrifice hanging from the arch. Maybe a psyker drained of its essence to launch bolts of energy at the enemy? Crew it with Blood Pact or some sort of depraved cultists (empire flagellants?) and you have a winner.

  2. I'll get grotesque pics as soon as i sort the macro on my camera out

    I was planning on filing away the conical parts to make thm more rounded and fit in more alongside the Cadian helmets.I'm also planning to bulk up the shoulders with bits and sculpted parts to make the transition between the two bitz less sudden. Paint-job wise they're going silver, like full-face masks,with the necks the only flesh exposed in that area.

    The psyker idea sounds awesome! i'll get onto it as soon as i get paid