Friday, 19 October 2012

Very strange game...

I had a few hours after uni lectures today and planned to get some painting done (a rare thing these days), but instead I managed to fit in a few games, which turned out to be some of the best I've had so far in sixth edition!

The first game I was up against my old nemesis, the Black Templars. Under the able command of my friend Darren, we faced off once more, looking to settle the score for all the thrashings the xenophobic, witch hunting Sons of Dorn gave me under fifth edition.

We rolled up Purge the Alien, deploying in fairly standard battle lines. This is pretty much the only thing in the battle that could be  considered 'standard'. Here's a run down:

- Starting with him stealing the initiative - not odd in itself, but it gets worse...

- His tactical Terminators were destroyed as soon as they poked their head out of cover by a single Grey Hunter pack shooting once at them

- His Assault Squad failed a charge from 6 inches away from my Swiftclaws, even with re-rolls from using their Jump Packs

 - Promptly followed by me rolling Perils of the Warp every time I went to roll a psychic test on my Rune Priests - when they've been unbelievably reliable in the 3 years I've been playing them (they've never failed a test before in an amazing feat of bucking the odds)

Ironically, my Rune Priest succumbing the second time netted my opponent his only victory point of the game, which also netted him Slay the Warlord. I can literally say I did all the damage in this game!

And then this happened....

 I chucked my Fenrisian Wolves at him to slow down his Emperors Champion, so he wouldn't smash into my Grey Hunter squad. I didn't expect to win, just slow him down.

He challenged me , but I turned it down. Emperors Champion vs Cyberwolf: it wouldn't have ended well, even with re-rolls from the other wolves.

It devolved into a two turn combat that saw the wolves emerge triumphant. The dice gods were having a right laugh today I reckon. The look on his face was priceless! A highly amusing end to one of the most surreal games that I've played in my ten years of doing this hobby.

 Still, it was a damn good game, one of the best I've had in long while. The final result was 4-2 to me (with the 2 to him being caused by the Rune Priest going into meltdown), although we did have to cut it short at the start of turn 4. Who knows what could've happened if we'd carried on, but I'm disappointed we didn't get a chance to find out. We've agreed to a rematch at some point soon. I'll let you guys know how it goes.


  1. Cyberwolves arnt characters and cant challenge

  2. Ddidn't realise that, i'll have to remember that from now on. But to be honest, it didn't make that much difference to the overall combat. The game was still a mess of freakish odds-bending