Monday, 15 October 2012

Sons of Horus Legion Squad WIP

 Here's the squad I started building yesterday before I got distracted with Horus. It's nothing too fancy, just a WIP on a bolter squad (you can see some with missing heads at the back)

 I've been quite inventive with their armor, considering how expensive the Heresy-specific parts are from bits websites, even the ones from the basic tactical squad kit. I've included Mk 7 parts in there, but I'm going to be adding studs and rivets to them to make them Mk 5 and adding a green stuff disc onto each of their right shoulder pads, to be painted up as the Eye of the Warmaster. When I do my Forge World order and get some proper Sons of Horus pads, these guys are going to represent Legion Veterans, with the eye denoting their favour with the Warmaster

These guys are taking a lot more work to model than I anticipated, but I think I'm cranking them out at a good pace. I've signed them up for a few online painting challenges, so I should keep up the rate of progress. I need a 1750 point force ready to go for next February, ready for a league at my local club. Not an impossible task by any means, but I can't afford to let up my pace on them.

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