Friday, 12 October 2012

Damn you Forgeworld!

Having spent the day building Sons of Horus, you can imagine my frustration when I came online and saw Forgeworld are releasing these:

 Sons of Horus shoulder pads. While they look awesome and I'm looking forward to getting them, they also mean i now have to rip the right shoulder pads off the men I built this afternoon and add quite a hefty sum to my Forgeworld shopping list.

I might just end up buying a single set of these and cast up the pads for the rest of my Sons of Horus from them. I wish i had the painting skills to freehand the symbol, but that's not

Legion-specific brass etchings have also gone up, which I'll be picking up too. I'm far more excited for these. I'm looking forward to converting up some Sons of Horus vehicles with them

 It might seem like I'm complaining about these, but I'm just a little annoyed at having to remove the pads from my existing men and the fact that they're selling the Legion Pads separately from the marines. It wouldn't have been too difficult to sell Legion-specific squad packs, giving you five marines and legion pads in one. You're paying top money for the marines anyway, then you're left with spare shoulder pads once you've added legion pads. Oh well, at least they can go into other models


  1. You don't have to remove the old pads. That would be silly. Just continue how you have been going and add these new ones. Simples.

  2. but I can't freehand to save my life, as i have really poor hand eye co-ordination. Replacing the old pads would mean that the legion icon is consistent and looks good across the entire force

    1. No offence but that is the OCD talking I'm sure. ;)

      It really doesn't matter. Go along with it and at some point you can phase the old ones out. Knowing you you'll probably repaint those ones somewhere down the line. it really won't matter.

  3. No offence taken, i know what I can be like sometimes :)

    You make good point, I know I'm going to be doing Night Lords when their turn for Heresy rules comes round, so I'll leave them for now and they can become Night Lords. I'll leave the right pads off the ones I build from now on though, ready to add Sons of Horus pads when I get them. Cheers for making me see sense.

    Still annoying that the armour varients aren't being sold in legion specific bundles though. Bumps the price up to £55 for a ten man squad if people are going the pure FW model route