Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hevig von Nearostaffen's Flying Contraption

It's back! Bigger and better than before, and most importantly, actually going to be finished this time!

Yes, I've been working on Von Nearostaffen's Flying Contraption again. It's been gathering dust on my project shelf for nearly two years now., but with GW Cambridge running a fantasy league, it seems the perfect opportunity to finally get it done, along with the rest of my Hochland force.

As you can see, It's undergone a slight re-model , ditching the dwarven cannon slung underneath. I'm planning something far more ambitious as a replacement for its main armament, so I can use it as either a Steam Tank or a Luminark, depending on the points level of the game I'm playing with it.

The wings look very uneven in this picture, but I'm sure you can forgive that, as it's still a very early WIP. I'm planning to extend them out in a style similar to Da Vinci's flying machine, with a gas balloon providing the lift. Very ambitious plans, but then again, it is going to be the centrepiece of my force.

More soon!

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