Friday, 19 October 2012


After a chat with the guys down at GW Cambridge and a little experimentation I've finally hit upon the perfect recipe for the green of my Sons of Horus.

It's a surprisingly simple recipe, using Mechanicum Standard Grey as as base coat, then a liberal wash of Colicia Green. It's created precisely the shade of green I imagined, in a way that's fairly quick and simple to achieve. I actually can't believe how simple it was in the end, considering that I've been experimenting with various combinations of shades and washes for a couple of months now with not the greatest of results.

I'm glad I've finally hit on it though, considering that I've been on the verge of dropping out of the painting challenges I've signed up for due to the problems I've been having.

Once again though, Forgeworld seems oddly attuned to my thoughts. I returned home to find that they'd put up a painting guide for the 4 legions from Betrayal, while I'd been out. Oh well. My way is far simpler and looks far better in my opinion.

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