Monday, 29 October 2012

Skol Fireheart

 He's a nutter with a blue mohawk, wielding a Plasma Gun and Chainsword, how much cooler can he get?

He's also one of the few models in my Space Wolves (or any of my armies for that matter) not to wear a helmet. That's an 'honour' that I generally save for Psykers and particularly headstrong/foolhardy individuals. Skol happens to fall under both the later categories.

Here's the background I wrote for him (I always write this before I build a model)

Something of a loose cannon within the ranks of the White Wolves. Skol’s love for battle knows no bounds  and on the field of war his packmates will always find him in the thick of it, wielding his chainblade in one hand whilst letting rip with his plasma gun with the other, roaring with savage glee.

It is said he would’ve been happy to serve in the ranks of the Blood Claws for the rest of his career, but after the long years away from Fenris, all the recruits in Tra had been promoted to Grey Hunters, or higher still, so Skol was folded into the ranks of the White Wolves almost against his will. 

Although his ferocity is an asset to his pack, his headstrong nature has earned him more than his fair share of punches in the face from his fellow White Wolves, when his lust for battle has threatened an otherwise sound battle plan. Despite this, he possesses the fierce loyalty and bitter resolve that all within the Rout share and can be depended upon when the need calls for it, as long as his lord doesn't mind his goals being achieved with a lot of mess and extreme violence.

There you go guy. I'm really in a painting groove this week, so expect a lot more updates where this came from.

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