Sunday, 8 July 2012

Deathwing Built

Havn't had a chance to play 6th edition yet, but that doesn't mean that I can't prepare for it. With that in mind I've been stripping down and building those terminators I bought back in february, ready to be airbrushed by the friend I mentioned last post.

Here they are, crated up, ready to be taken over to hers tomorrow morning...

Once they've been basecoated, it shouldn't take too long to get them done and ready to field. I'm enforcing a rule on myself that under sixth edition I'm not going to use any models that aren't fully painted on the tabletop, hopefully putting a crimp in my tendency of starting a new army on a whim. Hopefully.

On other fronts, I finished my Tree Kin commission, although unfortunately I forgot to grab some pics to put up. Need to remember to do that when i get commissions, so i can develop my website for them. At the moment I'm relying on word of mouth around my local area to get work, but I want to expand so it's a bit of a more reliable source of income, which means a website's a must.

On a plus note, however. I had a game of Mordheim the other day and got through it without a single hero death, even earning enough gold to buy some more henchmen, so things are looking up. Also managed to get some pics of the game, so i'll put up a battle report very soon.

Until next time guys, Happy Gaming!

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