Tuesday, 19 June 2012

10 days till 6th Ed....

.. and the waiting is killing me.

There's so many rumours leaking out now from people claiming to have seen the book, yet contradicting each other that it's doing my head in, so much so that I'm finding it very difficult to find the motivation to build or paint anything at all. I did manage to get all my Deathwing undercoated though and hopefully should get basecoats of Dheneb Stone if i can convince my friend with an airbrush to help me out (I am NOT doing them all by hand)

Instead, I've been toying around with various lists that may or may not work in 6th ed. I've written a foot-based Deathwing list, which is basically 30 Terminators, Belial and a Librarian, supported by two Mortis Contemptors that could work, especially if Librarians get better with the introduction of Psychic Disciplines (pretty much the only thing confirmed, with the release of the psychic cards), but the lack of money to buy the twin Contemptors is depressing. I've already sold 15 of the Termies and the basic Dreadnought i got for me DW project to pay for the new rulebook when pre-orders go up. Still, when I get payed next month Forgeworld can expect a big order from me, including goodies to add to my Pre-heresy Thousand Sons

Another list I've been working on is my Space Wolves list that I posted about yesterday. It's harder than I thought. It's one thing writing an all-comers force with the 'Wolves codex, but tailoring against Grey Knights is another thing altogether. I'm trying to decide whether to do MSU in Razorbacks or a more standard gunline. One Vindicator? Two? Or even none and just rely on Long Fangs for my fire support? It's a very difficult question indeed, this is what I've got so far. I know it needs serious tweaking though:

Rune Priest - Living Lightning, Tempests Wrath

Rune Priest - Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane, Chooser of Slain

Wolf Scouts - 5 men, Meltagun

Wolf Scouts - 5 men, Meltagun

Wolf Guard - 1 Terminator with Cyclone (joins Long Fangs), 2 with Combi-Melta, Power Weapons and Meltabombs (join Wolf Scouts), 2 with Combi-Melta (join Melta Grey Hunters

2 x Grey Hunter packs, 8 men, plasma, wulfen, standard, mounted in Rhinos with Extra Armour

2 x Grey Hunter packs, 5 men, melta, wulfen, mounted in Razorbacks with Twin-Lascannons

Land Speeder with Multi-Melta

Long Fangs, 6 men, 4 x Missiles, Lascannon, mounted in Razorback with Twin-Lascannons

Long Fangs, 6 men, 4 x Missiles, Lascannon

I'm thinking of dropping the Wulfen and Power Weapons, as against Grey Knights I'm going to get smashed by halberds before I get to attack anyway, instead investing in a Vindicator. I might even drop a Wolf Scouts squad in favour of another Land Speeder, but that's opening me up to being screwed over on a bad 'Behind Enemy Lines' roll. I shall have to have a think.
Sure, this list is going to be changed up in a few weeks time by the edition change, but the game against GK shall be the last of 5th Ed and I want to go out with a bang, crushing the Grey Knights beneath the heels of the Vlka Fenryka, defending the honour of Russ against my opponents slanderous insults.

I'm off to ponder my list some more, in a vain attempt to distract myself from the lack of reliable rumours.I'll let you know how it goes

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  1. Land Speeders really not worth it anymore! Against Grey Knights I cant see the use in Scouts, need a lot of fire power, maybe take out scouts add more grey hunters? How many points is this? In 6th against Grey Knights Loganwing on paper works well!