Monday, 18 June 2012

A matter of Wolf's Honour

A challenge has arisen that no player of the Sons of Russ could possibly refuse.

A friend of my flatmate has been slagging off Space Wolves for months now, saying they've never seen a SW army win against his Grey Knights. Therefore, in order to defend the Sons of Russ, I've challenged him to a no holds barred game to prove to him the Sons of Russ are no pushovers.

Problem is, I mainly write casual lists and I know he brings very nasty armies to the table, so over the next three weeks i need to craft the nastiest possible army to face him with

Here's what I know about the battle:

-It's against Grey Knights

-It's going to be 1750 points
- Randomly determined scenario
-It's going to be at a club, so a little less terrain than 25%
- He fields fairly balanced lists, so no Draigo-wing or Henchmen Spam (he has been known to use Coteaz though)
- Without serious help, I'm going to be massacred

So if there's any Space Wolf players out there that can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated, I'm off to write some (hopefully) cheesy lists

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