Saturday, 2 June 2012

Slight Distraction

Don't worry I havn't given up on the challenge already, progress has just been slowed by the arrival of a commission which should top up my Games Day fund for this year quite nicely.

I've got quite a bit done actually:

Mainly I've been focusing on my Dark Elves, as I've had a few games with them recently. I finally got round to building my Master on a Dark Pegasus (above) and my Master on a Manticore too (below). You may recognise the Manitcore as the one i was building a few years ago. Yes, I'm that behind on my projects

Another thing I've been working on is this:

My Armies on Parade board from the Games Day just gone. It's been sitting around gathering dust for the last six months so I've decided to do something with it (it's on the list! check it).

With that in mind, I'm going to build a forest-themed LOTR board to accompany my Dunedain force I'm painting up at the same time. It's a lot of work, but it should be fun to do. As soon as this is posted up I'm removing the 40k barricades to use as separate terrain on other boards, then attack it with filler. Should be good fun.

Until next time, when I should have the first pictures from my commisson too - 6 Scratchbuilt Wood Elf Treekin!


  1. What wings did you use for the Cold One conversion?

  2. They'e the wings off the CSM Possessed backpacks.

    I simply clipped them away from the backpack and stuck them to the Cold One. It's a surprisingly good fit. I'm thinking about making an entire group of Masters on them, all with different weapon loadouts