Friday, 18 May 2012

24 Hours in...

Ok, twenty four hours into my challenge and I've made a little, albeit random, progress. This is what i've got so far:

First up, I've built and based my first Thunderwolf Rider. I might even use him as my Wolf Lord with a little conversion work (mainly sculpting a beard on him) - as awesome as the Finecast Lord is, I don't like the idea of using the same model as everyone else.

A couple of random members of my CSM Chosen squad, nearly done. Mainly I just need to apply washes, finish the detailing and base them

My Dunedain and Hochland Handgunners. Havn't started these yet, buy they're probably going to be the next chunk of stuff i'm going to try and tackle.

I think I'm off to a cracking start so far. It bodes well for my challenge, if I can only keep the momentum up.

Right, back to my hobby desk!

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