Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Deathwing and Brother Zariel

I've been working on my Deathwing some more, applying a light Gryphonne Sepia wash to my first squad, which is also going to be Belial's command squad.

They're coming along nicely now, although there's still a lot to do. Now the basics are done, I'm planning on turning my full attention to one terminator at a time, so I can make sure each one is perfect before moving on
 to the next one.

Here's the first one: Brother Zariel of Squad Belial

Brother Zariel has seen active service with the Dark Angels for more than a century, although only two of decades of that has been in the service of the Deathwing. Since his induction into the Inner Circle however, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset, earning promotion to Master Belial's personal squad within a few short years. He possesses a keen, analytical mind that has served him equally well whether in pursuit of a Fallen or where best to ram his claws into an enemy of the Imperium.

Note that his right-hand lightning claw has sustained damage, caused during the hunt for the Fallen, Akelzion. At the height of the battle for Fanrax's Reach Zariel cornered the Traitor and engaged him in personal combat. Over the course of the fight the claw glanced off the Traitors breastplate, damaging them and causing him to stumble . The mis-blow allowed Akelzion the opportunity to activate a personal teleporter and escape, a failure that haunts Zariel to this day. As result of this, he has vowed not to repair the damage to his weapon until it has sliced through Oriol's neck, an oath he has taken most seriously. 5 years have passed since that day, yet the claw remains in the same state, despite the pleading of the chapters Techmarines.

Zariel's nearly done but there's still details to finish, such as his left eye lense, the Deathwing symbol on his shoulder pad and a few odds and ends, as well as a Badab Black wash for the metallic areas (I need to find someone who still has a pot to sell me some)

The wings on his shoulders are from the DA upgrade sprues, otherwise he's a standard Lightning Claw Terminator. He still needs basing, but I'm waiting until the entire squad's done before doing that, so I can create a united basing scheme for them.

More soon....

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