Thursday, 2 August 2012

Space Wolf Huskaerls

I was going through my boxes of spare sprues today and found some Cadians and Space Wolf sprues lying around, so I decided to experiment. The result was a small group of Fenrisian Huskaerls to support my Space Wolves.

The Huskaerls are featured in Battle for the Fang and are essentially PDF regiments raised from Fenris to man the Fang and occasionally fight alongside the Vlka Fenryka off-world. I'm going to use them as an allied IG Veteran squad, led by a converted Commissar Lord, mounted in a Vendetta, giving me cheap scoring to dump on a quiet objective, leaving my Grey Hunters to do what they do best: crush the enemies of Russ!

I like how they've turned out, considering they were just just a simple head swap. They look like they could be troops from Fenris, while still managing to have a more uniform appearance than my Space Wolf packs (they are Imperial Guard after all). At some point I'm going to do a shop on a bitz website to get the parts for the rest of the squad. I might see if I can get hold of some cloaks to put on them too, but I'll see how the finished squad looks without them first.

What do you guys think of them?

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