Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brother Hrogar WIP

Taking Supermegamatt and Headologist's advice from yesterday's post, I've decided to apply myself to my Space Wolves and pack away my other projects for now, setting myself small goals. My first goal is to get a Grey Hunter Pack plus their Wolf Guard done in the next few weeks. I've also signed up to an army painting challenge on Warseer in order to keep me on track. 200 points a month is nice target to work towards. By the time the next 40k league at my local gaming club starts up next february, I should have the majority of my army done.

So here's Hrogar, my first WIP member of the Grey Hunter Pack 'The White Wolves'. Every model and pack in the army is going to be named and have their own saga. I'll post his fluff up once he's finished..

I don't like the look of the 'Eavy Metal paint job for the Space Wolves, so I've gone for a darker, Pre Heresy-like scheme for him, using a basecoat of Space Wolves greay, followed by an Etherium Blue drybrush and several layers of Badab Black to dull it down. It's quite a nice look, I think.

 Another thing to note is that unlike most Space Wolves that you see, he's wearing a helmet. This is going to be another major feature of my army - only the Rune Priests and particularly reckless members of the Rout are going to go without them, after all only a fool removes his helmet in the heat of battle and the Sons of Russ are no fools. Plus i think armies look so much more menacing with very few bare heads.

What do you guys think of him?

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