Friday, 3 August 2012

Throgg the Troll King, painted

I love sorting through my boxes of hobby things, I keep finding all sorts of old projects that never developed into full armies that keep threatening to distract my hobby-addled mind.

The latest treasure that I've unearthed is my Throgg conversion that I started before Christmas. I remember posting up a WIP but I never showed the finished model. Here he is in all his glory. Sorry for the poor pictures but I can't seem to be able to locate my decent camera atm.

I quite like how he's turned out, considering how basic a conversion it was - an Ogre Kingdoms Gorger with Green Stuff-ed scales and crown.I might spend some time on him, neatening up the details and finishing up the base.

One day he'll be part of my planned combined Chaos army (Beastmen, WoC and Chaos Dwarfs), but that's way off in the future once I get my money situation sorted, for now he's going to sit on my shelf of random models, looking pretty (well, as pretty as a hulking ugly Troll can be).

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