Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hobby Burnout

Got so many projects going on at the moment and so much to do, I've kind of hit a wall where I can't bring myself to do much at all. I've got Deathwing, Chaos Marines, Deamons, Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, Empire and Dark Elves sitting on my 'to do' shelf, all with loads left to do before they even approach being finished. It's doing my head in.

I thought I'd get loads done while I was on summer break from Uni, but the wall of projects facing me has had the opposite effect.

I need to have a think how to motivate myself. Anyone got any ideas?


  1. Try a painting buddy.
    Get together to paint sometimes. Agree with each other targets. Be (reasonably) harsh with each other if you fail to meet the targets. Praise each other's efforts.

    For example - my mate Steve. He is an amazing miniature painter - three times the detail of mine, but takes 3 times as long. I hold him to trying to complete a whole unit before moving onto his next project.

    He keeps me from getting distracted by TV, computer games, imminent emigration stuff and general life stuff. He also motivates me by looking at my stuff and just going "have you thought about a light red wash on that?" etc, guiding me to upping my painting skills.

  2. Same as I would approach anything. Start somewhere and get to it.

    And set goals. goals are always great, even if they are tiny tiny goals. Like a unit/10 models a week.

    And resist adding more until you've cleared something, otherwise it never gets better.

    Discipline man, discipline.

  3. Just to echo what everyone else has said try and set goals for yourself, but try not to make it a chore.

    Pick out the one project that appeals to you more whether for fluff reasons, or if you have games coming up or whatever and get a chunk done of those.

    Every wargamer always has too many projects lol. I don't know anyone without shelves of unpainted historicals of various periods or models still in boxes...

  4. I find I get more done when I have a painting buddy to keep me focused. When it's just me sitting on my own I never get anywhere.