Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Forgeworld Horus Heresy makes my wallet cry

Forgeworld have posted up confirmation that their first Horus Heresy book will be at Games Day UK this year and that it'll be entitled 'Betrayal'. By the looks of things it'll cover the events of the Isstvan Massacres, both the purging of the loyal elements and the drop site massacres, which in my eyes, should fit nicely into one book.

With this in mind I'm going to see if I can finish up my first few squads of Thousand Sons, including a small unit of Jetbikes and maybe adding a small contingent of another Legion before the book hits. Then I can start adding some of the goodies that FW bring out for it. Personally, I'm hoping for:

- Mechanicum Battle Robots
- A list to fully represent a Crusade/Heresy era Thousand Son army at the height of their powers
- A list for Imperial Army support contingents, so I can represent my Prospero Spireguard properly
- Rules for Loken and the Mournival, Erebus, Lucius, Tarvitz, Eidolon, Garro, Kharn, Argel Tal and the other major players from the HH Novels
- Rules for Magnus the Red in the first book, although I know that's not likely

I know that's hoping for a lot, but a man can dream.

For now I'm off to coax my wallet from cowering in a corner, then raid bitz websites for pre-heresy parts. At some point I may post an article on how I make Pre-Heresy marines - it's surprisingly easy and cheaper than you think.

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