Saturday, 14 July 2012

Massive Sale

Having contemplated the extent of my collection in light of my post on painting earlier on, i feel it's high time for another clearout. It amkes sense to me: new flat, new hobby  start.

Having spent the last few hours documenting everything I don't see myself in the foreseeable future and the price I could bear to part with it for, ready for sale.

Take a look down the list and if you see anything you like, leave a comment, or shoot me an email at If you've got paypal, that'd be ideal

Here's the list, complete with prices. Postage will be worked out per sale, with discounts for bulk sales


2 x Rhino, built and partially painted - £12 each
Vanguard Veteran with Jump Pack Chainsword and Bolt Pistol, painted - £4
10 x Tactical Terminators, partially painted -£25
Contemptor Dreadnought, painted - £30
3 x Thunderwolf Cavalry, painted - £20


Trayzan the Infinite, slightly converted, painted - £8
10 Partially built Necron Warriors - £10

Imperial Guard

FW Manticore, converted for use with my Traitor Guard - £20


30 x Old style empire handgunners, partially painted - £20
Plastic Helblaster Volley Gun - (No Crew) painted - £8
5 x Outriders, Painted - £10


2 X Ork Tankbustas, Painted - £8
Ork Goff Rocka, Painted - £5
Ork Bomb Squig, painted - £3
Trukk, Painted - £12

Dark Eldar

5 x DE Kabalites, painted - £10


Collete Box set, partially painted, includes stat cards - £20

Dark Elves

10 x Dark Elf Crossbowmen - £12
5 x Cold One Knights, painted - £10
10 x plastic Corsairs - £10


Kingdoms of Men sourcebook - £10
12 x Rangers of Middle Earth, painted - £10

Rulebooks/Codices/Army Books
7th Edition Hardback Warhammer Rulebook - £15
8th Edition Hardback Rulebook - £30
Dark Eldar Codex £10
Ork Codex - £10
Eldar Codex - £10
Planetstrike Book - £10
6th ed Dark Elf Army book - £7
6th Ed Hordes of Chaos Army Book - £7
Black Library

Signed hardback copy of Blood Pact by Dan Abnett - £15
Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium Omnibus - £5
Malekith by Gav Thorpe - £5
Word Bearers Omnibus - £10
Know no Fear by Dan Abnett - £5

Have at it guys, there's some good bargains in there. Hopefully wiith your help I can clear some valuable storage space and buy the 6th ed book at the same time

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